YOUR OPINION: The expenditures authorized by Commissioner Lober were necessary, not abusive or unreasonable



Since childhood, I have lived, worked, raised a family, built a home, and even devoted time to public service in beautiful Brevard County Florida.

Recently, I was amazed to read statements in Florida today based on an anonymous email sent to commission members and the court clerk by a random, self-accredited expert claiming that county-issued purchase card spending approved by the commissioner of my District 2, Bryan Lober, were extravagant, inappropriate and diabolical.

The spending of taxpayers’ money is not a subject that I take lightly, so I wasted no time in contacting Commissioner Lober to demand an explanation for such slanderous accusations!

Commissioner Lober said he was taken aback by Florida today give credence to anonymous and extraordinarily misleading accusations of disproportionate spending on his part compared to all the other commissioners put together when in fact the opposite was true.

Asked about the charges of lavish spending, Commissioner Lober said, “$40,000 was spent over three calendar years, a fraction of which was on office equipment.

In fact, $599 “audio editing software” costs taxpayers nothing! It was credited, in full, two calendar years ago. A desk chair was sent to the government center in Viera, not its Merritt Island office, and is identical to those used in the county manager’s office.

The refrigerator purchased from scratches and dents was needed to replace a broken refrigerator in the staff break room used to store items such as doctor prescribed medications for employees and water for guests. Unfortunately, he said surveillance equipment became necessary for a non-profit project located in an industrial area to protect volunteers from physical attacks.

As I listened carefully to the explanation of the Lober Commission’s expenses, my initial fears were allayed, proving the old adage: “CONTEXT MATTERS”! Any journalist or concerned citizen can call Commissioner Lober and conduct their own research if they are looking for factual public information instead of invented anonymous fiction.

Unfortunately, it seems that Florida todayThe Commissioner’s journalistic license was twisted, damned, and found to be reportable that Commissioner Lober’s expenses were extravagant when, in fact, Commissioner Lober’s authorized expenses were necessary and not abusive or unreasonable.

None of the expenses currently under review violated any code, statute, law, rule or policy. They were instead cleared by the Board of County Commissioners and reviewed by our elected Comptroller “before payment is issued!” »

As the hazy fog of false accusations clears, Lober said his use of the county purchase card voluntarily complied with best practices suggested by the county executive regarding use, purchase limits and the inventory. The truth matters!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mary Jane Nail has resided in Brevard County since 1949, when her family moved to the Space Coast so her father could work at Naval Air Station Banana River, now Patrick Space Force Base.


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