Three actions to overcome a difficult market


Value, performance and growth you can count on

We could stretch out for days on risks facing the market and the potential depth of the upcoming correction, but we won’t. Today, we’re here to take stock of a few stocks that we believe will perform well over the next few years, regardless of general market and economic conditions. These actions include what we consider to be the three pillars of a great investment; value, yield and growth, and they all have a bullish technical outlook for stock prices as well. We don’t know if the S&P 500 (NYSEARCA: SPY) enters a deeper correction or maintains the bear market it was in, but we know these companies are well positioned for the current environment economic conditionshave growth in the forecast, pricing power, pay high-yield dividends and can be expected to increase their dividend payouts over time. – MarketBeat

Kraft Heinz is a textbook turnaround story

Kraft Heinz (NASDAQ: KHC) is not a new title in the universe of coverage, but it is quite unique in that it is a classic investment turnaround story. We have covered this stock for years and the news has only gotten better during this time and now the market is poised for a major breakout. The final chapter of this story is analyst coverage. There hasn’t been strong coverage and there are only 8 current ratings, but sentiment is heating up. In light of the early nature of this rally story, this is good news that could produce a strong tailwind for stock prices.

As it stands, the consensus estimate is 5% lower than the price action, but it tends to rise in the 12, 3 and 1 month comparisons. This year’s activity includes insider coverage with a price target in line with consensus and several price target upgrades to include the high price target of $47. This target is just under 10% above current price action, but it is also a new three-year high and the highest level since the market capitulated after the scandal in 2019. Regardless, KHC is still trading at just 16x earnings versus 27x. at 35X for the most valued consumer staples stocks and it yields 3.71%, which is above the group average.
Three actions to overcome a difficult market

Kellogg, a consumer staple with pricing power

Kellogg (NYSE:K) made headlines when it announced its earnings because it turned out it has pricing power. This is important in a world where consumers are cutting back on spending and should help maintain the earnings outlook and even expand the margin. In activity, organic strength across all categories supported results. The most important factor is that cash flow and free cash flow have increased significantly compared to last year thanks to internal improvements which should help maintain dividend increases this year. The company is currently trading at around 17x earnings while paying out 53% of its earnings consensus and reporting 3.3%.
Three actions to overcome a difficult market

Whirlpool reverses on mixed results

The hot tub (NYSE: WHR) First quarter results may have been mixed compared to analysts’ estimates, but some things are clear. The first is that the company’s business is healthy and supported by strong demand and a large order book. The second is cash flow and earnings are plentiful and the dividend is well supported. The third is that trading at just 7.7 times earnings and paying 3.7% yield, it’s a deep value and high return a blue chip stock that has already experienced a 30% correction and has started to rebound. We don’t expect much in terms of stock prices, but we do see support at $170 and an upward bias in the action, so expect to see limited trading at the worst.
Three actions to overcome a difficult market


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