They cut spending to stop the fires: how much money did Corrientes lose?


In the wake of the fires that affect currentsthe national government started planning how to help producers affected although it seems that the budget allocated to this area will be low because a report prepared by entities representing the production chains of the province estimates a economic loss of $67,317 million.

The main production areas are Rice, Citrus, Forestry, Yerba Mate and Livestock. In the first of those mentioned, there are about 96,000 hectares planted, of which 25% were lost in the fireswhich is about 200 million tons of the product which translates to Loss of $4,968 million economic for the sector.

In citrus cultivation, the province has 30,000 hectares distributed in the basins of the regions of Bella Vista, Concepción and Mburucuya and, on the other hand, the regions of Monte Caseros and Mocoretá. In the first, about 50% of the fruit was destroyed by the fire. 72 million kilograms correspond to the first sector and another 50,000 to the second, thus giving a deficit of 200,000,000 million dollars according to NA.

In reforestation, 39,665 hectares were burned. approximately with 19,200 million pesos loss to which must be added 5,950 million pesos to restore the burnt hectares. In this area there is also the resin activity, which was affected by the loss of 2,000,000 plants for a total amount of 2,237,400 million dollars.

In the domain of yerba mate there are 60,000 hectares cultivated and it is also estimated that they have lost $3.8 billion more $1,040 million redial because 50% of the production was lost. In Livestock Corrientes it has about 4,600,000 heads, which has generated a deficit of $12,678 million in meat and an additional $10.4222 million for mortality plus fencing.

Cutout by Gustavo Valdés

In this context, the governor of Corrientes, Gustavo Valdés, decided to reverse the turn by 140 million pesos for the realization of the Carnivals they have already started there. However, it was a forced move for the official who, having 10% of the province burnt down plus the political suffocation on him, was forced to repeal his own decree.


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