These classic vans are the perfect dose of nostalgia

Classic vans seem to be particularly popular with communities of skateboarders, surfers and, in general, those who appreciate the slow-drive movement. Although today many vans are dedicated to extreme overlanding experiences or converted into high-end motorhomes, there are many enthusiasts who have retained their classic cars in their stock conditions.

These vintage pickup trucks, whether made in Germany or America, are the perfect dose of nostalgia. Maybe because they bring back memories of childhood? Or maybe it’s because of their chic, chic and comfortable look? Check out the coolest, nostalgic vans we wish we could drive right now.

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8 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Greenbriar Van


This ’65 Corvair Greenbriar is one of the coolest American mid-size vans ever made. Launched in 1960, the Corvair Greenbriar van offered Chevrolet customers the option of purchasing a decent alternative to the more popular Volkswagen bus.

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This van is not only beautiful and perfect for a walk along the beach, but it also has some interesting features. While the VW bus was famous for its lack of power, this Chevy pickup was fitted with an 85 HP 6 cylinder boxer engine and was eventually upgraded to 110 HP. Sure, van drivers don’t feel the need for speed, but they still prefer to have vans with a proper powertrain that imparts agility.

7 1965 Ford Econoline Van


This Ford Econoline is incredibly clean, and while it was meant to be a workhorse, this minivan is ready for those RV conversions we love so much and are so trending on Instagram.


Approved by Vanlife, the Ford van has one of the most peculiar engine positions, being placed between the two front seats. It’s probably not the quietest driving experience you can get, but all the space inside the pickup and the thousands of possibilities you have to convert it will soon make you forget about it.

6 1976 GMC Liberté 76 Closed box


This 1976 GMC Freedom minivan is what could make your runaway American dream come true. This is a rare example as only 500 units were made to celebrate the tercentenary of the Declaration of Independence, which should be pretty clear from the many American flags adorning the bodywork.


Packed with a large 350 cu in V8 engine, the interior of the van is entirely devoted to the ’70s luxury lounges that could be found in airports. Of course, this van has nothing to do with the famous A-Team van. The leather-covered bucket seats can turn over, plus there’s a fridge and sink to bring with you all the basic comforts for a weekend camping trip.

5 1979 Volkswagen Westfalia Bay


It is without a doubt one of the most iconic vans of all time, and every time you spot one along the freeway, you can’t stop looking at it. This is a VW Bay van in its original Westfalia version, which has turned an ordinary bus into one of the most sought-after mini-camper vans.


The Westfalia package includes the iconic sunroof, which allows the use of an additional bed on the roof of the van. In addition, there is a rock’n’roll convertible sofa that easily converts into an extra bed. Fully equipped with a sink, a stove, a table and an additional battery, this van has been a reference for all the motorhomes that have emerged thereafter.

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4 1969 Ford Club Wagon Van


Over the years the small VW bus and American vans have gotten bigger and bigger, and this is a stunning example of a Ford Club Wagon. The minivan is powered by a 302 cu in V8 engine, which is sure to guarantee better mobility and a better driving experience than the undernourished predecessors.


To attract more buyers to a Ford van, the Detroit-based company introduced high-end versions of the standard Econoline. Models like the Club Wagon Chateau had air conditioning, houndstooth fabric on all seats, an AM / FM sound system and the option of 12 seats.

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3 1967 Dodge A100 Custom Sportsman Van


This 1967 Dodge minivan is one of our favorite American responses to the 2nd gen VW bus. The round front lights are well encapsulated in the bodywork, which follows a linear but smooth shape. Chrome bumpers, frames and mirrors make this van even more valuable.


The large 318 cubic inch V8 engine sits between the driver and front passenger, and it’s mated to a 3-speed transmission. In addition, the van is finished with a fancy two-tone beige and white paint, paired with original rims and white striped tires. This makes it perfect for Instagram users who want photos of the perfect vanlife experience.

2 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Pickup Truck


This Chevy Corvair is yet another attempt to turn a gorgeous’ 60s van into a mini motorhome. Windows were added and the van underwent a full restoration. Now the Chevy pickup has a new urethane basecoat and new two-tone surf approved paint.


The beating heart of this Corvair is a 2.4-liter 6-cylinder engine mated to a rare 4-speed transmission. A vintage wooden rack on the roof of the pickup has been added, and we can’t wait to see the finished conversion of the pickup truck.

1 1967 Volkswagen Samba Bus with 21 windows


It’s probably one of the most recognizable forms of transportation ever, and it’s inevitable that you associate this tiny and gorgeous pickup with the hippie movement. This Volkswagen bus is a rare 21 window Samba, finished in Titan Red and Pastel White with Platinum Silver interior, Safari windshield and 6 pop-out windows.


The van is equipped with a 1.8-liter 72 HP engine mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. This old “children’s flower” van has been restored to its original condition and the impressive restoration work has been awarded the ambitious Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen certificate.

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