The Kerala government will also reduce the cost of overseas travel


Thiruvananthapuram: Shortly after the return of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and four of his ministers from an official tour abroad, the Chief Secretary ordered all government departments to strictly restrict spending, including including those of the leader of the trip abroad.

The order criticized many departments for failing to adhere to strict restrictions on overseas visits, air travel, vehicle purchases and cell phone use.

The failure to engage in the reshuffling of civil servants and to follow the criteria for assigning work severely affected the austerity campaign. Government departments, local self-governing institutions, subsidized organizations, universities, welfare boards, commissions, cooperative institutions, public sector enterprises and schools should all strictly cut spending.

The order warned to take strict action against those who do not carry out the instructions. The loss, together with interest, will be withheld from the officials found liable. Any concessions will only be allowed on an emergency basis, that too with the green light from the Ministry of Finance and the approval of the Cabinet.


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