The Hoxton Hotel RV is America’s Most Stylish Road Trip

The Hoxton revealed plans for its new motorhome experience Camp Hox – and he rewrote all the designs we had on the campsite. Yes, the luxury hotel has set a new standard for West Coast road trips with the trendy American branch of Camp Hox, Win (e) d on Windows, and the whole concept is as fun as it sounds.

Win (e) d down the Windows consists of a Mercedes Sprinter from Texino that transports travelers along California’s Golden Coast – starting, very appropriately, at The Hoxton, Downtown LA, and heading towards the Maze. Apple Trees, Windrose Farm, Paso Robles.

However, in the case of Camp Hox, the journey is just as important as the destination, including stops at vintage home decor stores and wine tasting at various locations along the Pacific Coast Kaleidoscopic Route. Camp Hox has officially reset the bar for relaunched road trips beyond its trendy itinerary.

The Hoxton Hotel Campervan in California

(Image credit: The Hoxton Hotel)

The van is equipped with all the essentials for a luxury California road trip, including a coffeemaker with freshly brewed coffee and oat milk, Hoxton bed linens and towels, and Blank toiletries. There’s also breakfast burritos from Sibling Rival, drinks from Nomadica Wine and Straightaway Cocktails, and olive oil from Pineapple Collaborative because we really told you they’ve thought of everything. Plus, the trip includes olive oil from Pineapple Collaborative and a playlist curated by Hoxton, because what’s a road trip without some tunes?

While the concept was envisioned with adventure in mind, the Hox motorhome is designed to stand out as a voguish alternative to the conventional motorhome that provides a sense of escape at a time when we all have it. most want.

The Hoxton Hotel Campervan in California

(Image credit: The Hoxton Hotel)

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The idea stems from The Hoxton’s initial success with Camp Hox last year, but has since evolved to include RVs, as The Hoxton’s CMO Martina Luger shares:

Last summer we brought Camp Hox together in record time, and it was incredibly popular and well received. We love the idea of ​​being able to bring the Hoxton experience outside of our own four walls and explore what it might be like, which allows us to create not only a space, but a whole Hoxton-hosted adventure for our clients. . ”

“ This year’s RV experience strives to celebrate the idea of ​​coming back to explore and meet what people really want and need right now. We can’t wait to see the adventures unfold, ”she adds.

The Hoxton Hotel Campervan in California

(Image credit: The Hoxton Hotel)

Win (e) d down the Windows is one of four The Hoxton road trips available internationally this summer. The hotel works the same way Camp Hox in the UK, France and the Netherlands, where their hotels are based. Travel is priced at $ 1,200 midweek (Monday-Thursday) or from $ 1,275 weekend (Friday-Monday) for two adults sharing a Mercedes Sprinter. This includes two nights in the van and one night in The Hoxton LA.

The Hoxton Hotel Campervan in California

(Image credit: The Hoxton Hotel)

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We found the trip that offers the freedom of the road without sacrificing the comforts of a luxury hotel; what more could we need?

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