Texas Rangers complete unlikely 0-15 road stretch in last 15 road games

Going without a win on that final road trip has always been a possibility for the Texas Rangers.

After going winless on a previous route list that included stops in San Francisco and Houston, the previous one was set. But no-one in fact thought the Rangers were going to start some sort of extended losing streak on the road.

Well, they defied the odds one way or another, and a 0-9 road trip was born, with a 0-15 winless streak on the road dating back to their visit to the Bay Area in mid-May.

The Texas Rangers really did that. They really just got swept up in Colorado by the hapless Rockies after being swept away by division rivals in Anaheim and Seattle.

Even Coors Field, a supposed reprieve for the offenses, couldn’t wake these sleeping bats. To his credit, the pitching was decent for most of the road trip. Unfortunately, this did not prove to be sufficient.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how difficult this stretch has been to “accomplish”.

The Texas Rangers haven’t won a road game in nearly a month.

When teams intend to tank, they are forced to win at least a few matches. And yes, even some on the road.

Going without a win on two different routes is incredibly rare (and really bad). It’s hard to conceptualize stooping to a level below this.

The last time an MLB team pulled off this feat was … the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1985.

What the Rangers did also happened only five other times in MLB history. So they will do it in the record books!

Make no mistake, there is little about what has happened for the Rangers in the past nine games that is worth celebrating. Maybe aside from improving their chances of making the top-five in the 2022 MLB Draft.

But it’s in a while. We won’t see the benefits of next year’s potential selection for some time, let alone this year’s next issue. 2 choices in total.

The problem with baseball is that extended winning streaks are hard to maintain, and so are losing streaks. The Rangers will return home to Globe Life Field for a brief home booth featuring the Tampa Bay Rays and SF Giants. It’s by no means an easy record, but Texas have managed to post a respectable 0.500 (13-13) record in games played at Arlington this season.

That alone should give the team and their fans a hint of confidence heading into the next five games.

Hopefully home cooking is precisely what the Texas Rangers need right now, as the bitter taste of a 0-9 road trip and a 15-game losing streak on the road is one we’d love. clear from our palaces as soon as possible.

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