Spending by elected officials increases by more than €100,000 in 2021


Almost £875,000 in payments, allowances and expenses were paid to County Louth councilors in 2021, an increase of more than £100,000 on the previous year, according to figures released by the council.

a total of €874,905.91 was paid to 30 advisers. The board is made up of 29 members. Sadly, Cllr Hugh Conlon passed away in July. His wife Bernie was later co-opted into the local authority.

The overall figure for 2020 was €768,562.65.

The increase is mainly due to the representation allowance, which rose from €18,054.10 to €21,826.85. In 2018, it was €16,867.34.

Each councilor is entitled to the representation payment, in addition to €499.98 (instead of €1,000) for being a member of one of the three municipal district committees of Dundalk, Ardee and Drogheda, while there are stipends for cathaoirleach county council and deputy chairman and chairmen of municipal districts.

All of the above are taxed and subject to other legal deductions.

The allowance paid to the chairs of the strategic orientation committees (SPC) is exempt from tax.

Advisers can also get fees for attending official functions, and for broadband and phone expenses, in addition to training courses and overseas travel, although no expenses were accounted for in the latter category in 2021 nor to attend the Eastern Border Forum and other meetings, due to the impact of Covid 19 restrictions.

The cathaoirleach compensation of €20,000 was split between Pio Smith (€11,666.64) and Dolores Minogue (€8,333.36).

Cllr Smith took over as head of the council in June.

James Byrne (€2,333.34) and Michelle Hall (€1,666.66) received the vice-chairman’s allowance.

Five councilors received the SPC chairmen’s stipend of €6,000 each, Joanna Byrne, Emma Coffey, Maria Doyle, Liam Reilly and Pio Smith.

Meanwhile, six members received the allowance from the Municipal District Chairmen, James Byrne and Maria Doyle (€7,000 each), Kevin Callan and Emma Coffey (€5,000 each), Jim Tenanty (€3,500) and John Sheridan (€2,500). The overall figure of €30,000 is an increase of €2,000 from 2020.

Who has what…

Marianne Butler 27170,47 €
Paula Butterly 24816,22 €
James Byrne 380€22.35
Joanna Byrne 34488,54 €
Kevin Callan BL 33091,39 €
Emma Coffey 38129,43 €
Hugh Conlon 11613,42 €
Bernadette Conlon 7387,16 €
Edel Corrigan 27170,47 €
Tom Cunningham 28354,29 €
Maria Doyle 40170,47 €
Michelle Hall €300€21.56
Conor Keelan 26883,18 €
Sean Kelly 271€70.47
Fiachra MacRaghnaill 26750,54 €
Pearse McGeough 27188,78 €
Andrea McKevitt 27169,86 €
Paddy McQuillan 28294,97 €
Kevin Meenan 27170,47 €
Dolores Minogue 35752,73 €
Power Declan 28154,42 €
Jean Reilly 27169,86 €
Liam Reilly 33705,71 €
Tomás Sharkey 27170,47 €
John Sheridan 29670,47 €
Pio Smith 47372,79 €
Jim Renter 31772,88 €
Eileen Tully 286€17.60
Antoine Watters 27284,49 €
Maëve Yore 27170,47 €


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