REVEALED: How many TDs and Laois Offaly senators claimed in expenses in 2021


The annual expenditures of TDs and Ministers in Laois Offaly Constituency for 2021 have been published along with their attendances in the Dail up to May this year.

The figures reveal that Laois Offaly’s four DTs and two ministers racked up €210,744 in spending in 2021.

Standard Parliamentary Allowance (PSA) payments are split between TAA, a travel accommodation allowance, and the Public Representatives Allowance or PRA for TDs who qualify for both.

The PRA is subject to a maximum of €20,350 for members of the Oireachtas and €16,000 for ministers, this amount drops to €12,225 for non-office holder senators.

Figures show Deputy Charlie Flanagan claimed €47,470 in 2021 split between travel and accommodation costs at €27,315 and public representative’s compensation of €20,155. He attended Dail on 43 of the 47 sitting days between January and May 31 this year and was at Leinster House on 12 other occasions during the same period.

Deputy Brian Stanley claimed a total of €49,015 in 2021. His travel and accommodation expenses were €28,655 and his public performance expenses were €20,350. He attended all 47 sitting days of the Dail until the end of May this year and visited Leinster House on four other occasions.

In 2021, MP Carol Nolan claimed €49,015 in expenses including €28,655 for travel and accommodation and €20,350 for her public representative allowance. From January to 31 May this year, MP Nolan attended 45 sitting days and visited Leinster House on 17 other occasions.

MP Barry Cowen claimed a total of €49,015 in 2021, including €28,665 in travel and accommodation costs and €20,350 in public representative allowances. His attendance record from January to May 31 this year showed he was at the Dail on 42 of the 47 sitting days and had been at Leinster House a further 16 days between January and May.

Meanwhile, Minister Sean Fleming, who is not entitled to the travel allowance, claimed €16,000 in certified public representative allowance in 2021.

Minister Pippa Hackett, who is also a senator, is also not entitled to the travel allowance. She claimed €14,629 in certified public representative compensation for 2021.



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