Qld MP Andrew Laming ordered to reimburse $10,000 in travel expenses


“There is no evidence that Mr. Laming attended the conference at any time other than Sunday.
morning ‘slot’,” noted the IPEA.

“In fact, there is evidence to suggest he was not in Hobart City until the end of day two of the 2½ day conference.”

This raised questions, according to the IPEA, about Mr Laming’s use of a rental car, which had traveled 951 kilometers during its lease.

“Asked about his use of the vehicle, Mr. Laming initially replied ‘we used it to get around the state’ and ‘we did the loop,'” the IPEA said.

“After Mr. Laming was told that if the main purpose of the car hire was ‘traveling with the family’ it could not be a parliamentary matter, he reflected and advised that ‘the main purpose of the Tasmanian rental car from Saturday afternoon to Sunday the address and at the Monday morning meeting in Hobart was parliamentary”.

Mr Laming then offered to reimburse the cost of the first day of the three-day car hire, which at this point acknowledged was not being used for parliamentary business.

When told it was not possible to split the costs between personal and parliamentary use, the IPEA said Mr Laming ‘introduced new information’ that his trip to national parks and in Port Arthur was “linked to inspections of the use of composite fiber boardwalk materials”.

“This purpose had not been mentioned in any previous exchanges with Mr. Laming, and he did not repeat or support the assertion when asked to do so as part of this audit,” the report said. ‘IPEA.

“The IPEA therefore gives no weight to this version of the facts. Mr. Laming’s advice on the destinations visited, however, raises other questions.

“It is unlikely that Mr Laming left Hobart on the morning of Saturday June 22, 2019, traveled at least 800 kilometers through the Tasmanian Highlands and returned to Hobart that day in time to participate in any part of the conference, including dinner. , which began at 6:30 p.m.


In his response to the IPEA audit project, Mr Laming said he would ‘support this trip as a parliamentarian’.

“A four-month audit verified nothing except three hours of recordings that corroborated my version of events,” he said in his response to the IPEA.

“The travel reasons given have already been publicly justified in 2020 and both [an assurance review] and the audit failed to challenge my version, the only reasonable action is to take no further action.

Mr. Laming also expressed his hope that the IPEA’s findings “do not deteriorate into derisory personal descriptors and subjective conclusions based solely on a lack of supporting evidence, for which there are clear grounds beyond my control.” will “.

Mr Laming announced last year that he would not challenge Bowman after a series of controversies surrounding his behavior.


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