Orange County SC lends Thomas Enevoldsen to Hobro IK


Orange County SC announced this week that striker Thomas Enevoldsen has been loaned to Danish club Hobro IK for the remainder of 2020.

The news confirms something widely spread, as Enevoldsen had returned to his native Denmark to witness the birth of his child this summer and there did not appear to be a timeline for his return. Under normal circumstances, the OCSC would normally expect it to return in a few weeks as long as there were no complications, but with the coronavirus the pandemic is still raging, especially in the United States, the prospect of returning to the United States, as well as the long delays in processing travel and immigration documents, mean that Enevoldsen’s return could not be -be not in short-term cards.

“We are delighted to announce Thomas’ loan agreement to Hobro IK, a leading Danish club, where he can combine his talents and be with his young family,” said Oliver Wyss, president of football operations at the OCSC, in a press release. “Thomas is a first-class professional and arguably the most prolific goalscorer in the USL that our team is missing in this difficult season. We look forward to welcoming Thomas and his family to Orange County next season after a successful loan spell. “

Enevoldsen’s absence is a loss for Orange County SC, as he has only played one game for the club this year upon his return after a year of absence. The seasoned goalscorer is one of the best in the USL Championship, and his leadership and spirited demeanor helped set the tone during a stellar 2018 season at the club.

That said, the depth of the OCSC means that while Enevoldsen’s loss isn’t insignificant, they might not see a big drop. The club have added seasoned goal scorers Ugo Okoli and Chandler Hoffman this season, to join forwards and tweens alike. Darwin jones and Kevin Coleman. And with just one loss in the season so far, Braeden Cloutier has been able to continue with the squad even in the absence of Enevoldsen.

By the way, Enevoldsen hit the ground running in Hobro, as he scored a brace on Wednesday in his debut.

The OCSC joked about the shooter’s recall after the game.

So congratulations to Thomas on the new arrival, and good luck for the rest of the year at Hobro.

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