New technology makes modern RV camping easier than ever

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Whether you are an experienced RV camper or new to outdoor road camping, no one wants to go on the road without the best gear or know-how, lest you make it home in the cabin. ‘a tow truck with only National Lampoon – vacation stories to tell.

Dave Wald, a lifelong RV enthusiast, former dealer and current owner of Karma Campervans, based in Calgary, Alta., And Richmond, BC, knows a few things about how to make an RV in working condition and ready for anything.

With his own fleet of 48 campers, Wald had a few tips on everything from electrical and refrigeration to easy, interactive ways to plan a trip using the latest mobile technology to share with Canadians.

“Gone are the days of the classic, ugly white-walled trailers that everyone seemed to have. There are a lot of new manufacturers that seem to have moved away from this, ”says Wald.

“(People are also buying) older RVs and renovating or upgrading them. There’s also the trend in the van life right now, where people outfit empty vans, or schools, or old ambulances with gear to help you go camping. “


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Refrigeration and power are the two biggest considerations of the RV motorhome. “The thing I would pay the most attention to would be portable refrigeration,” suggests Wald. “These small refrigerators with compressors, in the past, cost over $ 1,000 or more for (smaller) units.

“Today, many new manufacturers have found inexpensive ways to build these small portable refrigerators, which makes them just as good as the more mainstream brands, but at a fraction of the cost. Old school guys like Dometic and Norcold and some of those RV specific brands are now being replaced by brands like Alpicool and BougeRV, ”says Wald.

Solar power is the way to go for off-road camping and adventures in places like the Canadian Rockies, places that many Wald guests want to explore.

“Off-grid camping has become very popular. Campgrounds are filled to the brim and people are starting to explore more camping and off-grid game, touching Crown land or even private property, ”says Wald.

Goal Zero (Portable Lithium Power Plant) is an all-in-one solar power and inverter unit for RVs and conversions if you are renovating an old RV and need a new power system. When talking about the beginner, this would be a quick and easy way to get set up, although it is not cheap.

“So, for example, on our vans, we have a 280 watt solar panel on the roof and that is tied to a high wattage solar controller that brings in the amps and actually doubles the amperage of what is coming from the sun,” then put that in your battery bank. “


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Wald says that while those with both the time and the practical skills can equip a motorhome with solar power by following the wide array of YouTube tutorials available, installation is also a consideration for anyone considering this type of renovation. electric. You would be in good hands with most RV dealers or service technicians.

For camping cooking, Wald says old-fashioned Coleman stoves are still the way to go and that there are even refillable options for portable propane tanks, adding that reducing discharges is a consideration taken more over. serious in the RV world these days. Induction hobs are getting more and more popular, he says, but keep the power in mind.

For the sporty, folding bikes and inflatable paddleboards and kayaks are the way to go in terms of saving space, especially in small units, but also suggests a pragmatic approach. He suggests easy-to-clean rubber flooring in storage spaces for skiers, snowboarders and anglers.

“But keep it simple,” advises Wald. “You don’t necessarily want to be the Griswolds (of National Lampoon’s Vacation fame) and take your whole house with you. You are there to make the most of your time and to be free and flexible. “

To that end, says Wald, there are some fantastic apps to help travelers find lesser-known sites to camp on, such as iOverlander, AllTrails, Boondocking, and Campendium, adding that traditional social media groups on Facebook are still a great place to go. hyperlocal community resource. .

“There are many great apps out there that help people find cool campsites, so you don’t always have to go to your provincial park or national campground.”

“There are so many resources now,” says Wald, pointing out that the motorhome is a perfect and safe way to spend a profitable vacation during the pandemic. “There’s no better and easier time to go camping and really camping than now. The world is your shell. “


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