Mandhu College’s Lawsuit To Recover Legal Fees Denied


The civil court decides that Male’ High Private will not be able to recover the legal costs incurred by the State in the legal battle that took place after the removal of the MES building from Male’ Private High.

The building was used to operate Mandhu College. It is now used as an Izudheen school.

The building was leased to Male’ Private High in 2013 by the government. Later, the deal was canceled and the government took over the building, leading to Male’ Private High suing the state. The High Court and Supreme Court had agreed that the deal had been unlawfully annulled and that Male Private School should be compensated.

After Male’ High Private sued to recover money spent on state attorneys to void the deal, civil court ruled the company failed to provide evidence to show that the company had paid the invoices sent to the company despite the agreement that legal fees could be recovered.

In addition, the civil court said that the agreement between the state and the company did not stipulate that the legal costs incurred would be recovered, so they could not decide on their reimbursement.

The government had earlier paid compensation of MVR 15 million to Male’ High Company for canceling the deal. It was the cost of finding another building to operate Mandhu College after their expulsion from MES. where the college was originally operated.


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