Man sues stepson for living expenses just months after wife divorces


Two riddles which party was the bitterest…

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Divorce is something no one seeks to achieve in marriage. However, consequences sometimes reveal parts of people that we don’t even think they knew they had in them.

One of those things is bitterness…

Some may choose to call it revenge, but we’ll stick with the bitterness.

This story screams bitterness and unfortunately it is the son-in-law who paid the price…

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“A few months after getting divorced, a man in China decided to sue his former stepson to get back some of the money he spent raising him.” (initiated)

The man demanded the sum of 32,000 yuan (74,000 rand) from his son-in-law as compensation for “living expenses”.

This was during his college years and he covered room and board over a four year period.

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The man, who goes by the name Tang, married the boy’s mother in 2009 when he was just 10 years old.

Mr Tang took it upon himself to help raise the young man until September 2021, when his wife filed for divorce.

In our opinion, it seems that his efforts to attack the young man were a way to show his hurt and get revenge on his ex.

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But his efforts proved futile as the local court denied his claim.

According to Insider, the decision stated, “Tang chose to support Liu, despite knowing that he had no legal responsibility to pay for his college education because Liu had reached the age of 18. In China , children are legally adults once they turn 18, and parents are no longer expected to cover their living expenses.”

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