Loungeboat is a modern floating house for touring the waterways

The creativity and joys of living in small spaces isn’t limited to tiny and tiny homes, micro-apartments, treehouses, or van and bus conversions. Indeed, there is also a small space of elegance on the water in the form of houseboats, some of which could be quite affordable when built by own hands or rented, or can be lived in full time. in more upscale environments at the other end of the spectrum. You don’t have to be lonely either, with houseboat communities popping up in places like Amsterdam.

Originally from Germany, the Barge (or Hausboot in German) is yet another ultra-modern specimen for small spaces that falls into the latter category. Designed by a couple of German architects Tanja Wunderlich-Finckh and Chris Finckh, the project was born when the two men did not find the barge adapted to their needs. Instead of scuttling their dreams of having a home on the water, the water-loving couple set out to design a houseboat in the style and materials they wanted.

loungeboat Hausboote GmbH

Measuring 473 square feet, the couple’s prototypical Loungeboat is a “tourist houseboat” designed to travel on inland waterways (it is rated Category D), but it can also travel on larger rivers with the version equipped with more powerful engines.

loungeboat Hausboote GmbH

As well as having a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, roof terrace, and all the necessary amenities, the main living room has huge floor-to-ceiling insulating glass walls, which offer great views of the sea. ‘outside.

loungeboat Hausboote GmbH

In addition to the glass facade, the rest of the barge is covered with a translucent material that lets in daylight, without compromising privacy. As Chris Finckh explains:

“Houseboats in the ‘Tom Sawyer log cabin style’ are still very popular in the tourism industry. We wanted to build a boat that would allow you to experience the evolution of natural and urban spaces in an intensive and very special way from the water. The Loungeboat is a powerful tourist barge with a high level of aesthetics and functionality. ”

loungeboat Hausboote GmbH

The interior has been designed as a clean and ‘purist’ space, thanks to the minimalist color palette of white, black and gray, and an intentional reduction in detail. The idea here is to let the barge function as a sort of blank canvas, against the backdrop of changing landscapes, say the architects:

“The materials and colors are kept to a minimum and create space for the sensual experience of external influences. The facade – a kind of filter layer – envelops the room and lets light and shade, water reflections control and influence external influences in their intensity. ”

Of course, there are sturdy fabric curtains to use whenever privacy or sun protection is needed. The interior space has been designed as a ‘one room’ which is divided into different ‘sequences of rooms’ – kitchen, bathroom and bedroom – through the use of large floor-to-ceiling glass doors.

loungeboat Hausboote GmbH

The main living room has a convertible sofa whose bunk cushions can be opened up to create more space to sit, recline or even make a double bed.

loungeboat Hausboote GmbH

In addition, the front exterior terrace extends the interior space of the living room further to the exterior.

Lloungeboat Hausboote GmbH

More seats have been included here up front along with the boat’s steering system. It’s quite a sight!

loungeboat Hausboote GmbH

Here is the Loungeboat bathroom, located in the middle area. The Loungeboat prototype has a 105 gallon fresh water tank, a 132 gallon sewage tank, as well as an 8 gallon hot water tank.

loungeboat Hausboote GmbH

The floors (and even the walls) of the Loungeboat have been covered with a durable and easy to clean natural rubber flooring. Nora. Said Finckh:

“We have already used Noraplan Uni rubber flooring more often in residential construction, and it is perfectly suited to the high-quality material concept of the Loungeboat. With its silky mat surface and pleasant touch, the material is extremely elegant.

Directly opposite the bathroom on the other side of the boat is the galley, which includes a gas hob, sink and storage space.

loungeboat Hausboote GmbH

At the very rear of the boat is the bedroom, which has a comfortable bed, storage space below and above.

loungeboat Hausboote GmbH

From the bedroom there is also access to the aft deck through one of the two glass doors.

loungeboat Hausboote GmbH

The aft deck also has a ladder that allows you to climb up to the huge roof terrace of the houseboat, perfect for sunbathing or stargazing at night.

loungeboat Hausboote GmbH

Now, having achieved their own dream houseboat, the Architects are now offering a range of stylish Loungeboats, all available in different sizes and prices, starting with the smaller Loungeboat XS (which costs $ 187,400).

To learn more, visit Barge and on Instagram.

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