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Kanpur: The district election office has released the list of expenses incurred by the party candidates during the month-long election campaign for the assembly polls. The electoral commission has set the spending limit at Rs 28 lakh.
Expenses incurred by Kanpur candidates are as follows: In Bilhaur headquarters, BJP’s Mohit Sonkar has spent the maximum amount of Rs 23.94 lakh, Arya Nagar’s Congress candidate Pramod Jaiswal has so far spent Rs 21.71 lakh. Similarly, BSP candidate Ramesh Singh Yadav, who is in the Bithoor fray, spent Rs 14.74 lakh.
At the assembly headquarters in Bilhaur, apart from Mohit Sonkar of the BJP, who tops the list, Usha Rani of the Congress party spent Rs 6,84,433, while Madhu Gautam of the BSP Rs 3,90,060 and Rachna Singh of the SP 3,48,468. At the Bithoor headquarters, Abhijit Singh Sanga of BJP spent Rs 1,58,9595, while Ramesh Singh Yadav of BSP Rs 1,47,4797, SP Munindra Shukla Rs 6,55,602 and Ashok Nishad of Congress Party Rs 6,35,282 .
From the seat in Kalyanpur, Neelima Katiyar of BJP spent Rs 20,54600, Satish Nigam of SP Rs 10,98,642, Neha Tiwari of Congress Party Rs 2,70,876 and Arun Mishra of BSP Rs 6,94,64.
From the seat of Govind Nagar, Surendra Maithani of the BJP 10,21,684, Karishma Thakur of the Congress Party Rs 6,00,820, Samrat Vikas Rs 9,32,773 of the SP and Ashok Kalia Rs 1,39,708 of the BSP.
Similarly, from the seat of Sisamau, Irfan Solanki Rs 4,51,656 from the SP, Sohail Ahmad Rs 4,09,872 from the Congress Party and Rajneesh Tiwari Rs 3,76,966 from the BSP. From Arya Nagar’s seat, apart from Pramod Jaiswal of the Congress party, Amitabh Bajpai of SP spent Rs 7,62,326 and Suresh Awasthi of BJP Rs 4,79,225.
From Cantt seat, Mohd Hasan Rumi of SP Rs 10.08,055, Sohail Akhtar Ansari of Congress Party Rs 6.49,976, Raghunandan Bhadauria of BJP Rs 7.44,878 and BSP Mohammad Shafi Rs 1.11,737.
From Maharajpur Headquarters, Satish Mahana Rs 17,93,363 from BJP, Kanishk Pandey Rs 12,86,724 from Congress Party, Fateh Bahadur Gill Rs 8,73,060 and BSP Surendra Pal Singh Rs 4,61,180.

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