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Mr Dolan, author of ‘Trump: The Hidden Halo’, claimed Ms Harris’ “sharp” decline in popularity was “emblematic” of a White House dealing with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, the author said: “The sharp and steep drop in Kamala Harris’s approval ratings is emblematic of a White House both in decline and struggling to cope with the complexity and severity of foreign policy.

“A contentious relationship has long been documented between the President and Vice President and recent issues, such as Harris’ highly publicized response to a photo of her on the cover of Vogue or Jill’s disapproving comments Biden on her husband’s choice of running mate.

“Fundamentally, the Biden administration has failed to manage the crisis in a way that is becoming one of the greatest military and economic powerhouses in the world.

“Faced with a plutocratic leader such as Vladimir Putin, the United States should have projected a united front that the invasion of Ukraine would not support, however, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden became preoccupied with infighting and posturing before the next presidential election. Election.”

The political commentator continued, “More broadly, Harris’ only response to the crises that arise is unrelenting laughter followed by diversionary tactics that would make even a hardened politician blush.

“The administration has become an embarrassment in itself, arguably the only reason Biden is still in office is because Harris is even more unpopular than him.

“Ahead of the next presidential election, the Democrats have painted themselves solidly into a corner.”

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According to YouGov America, a majority of voters across all age groups disapprove of Ms Harris’ performance, although she was the most unpopular with voters over 65, with 58.4% disapproving of her performance.

In terms of education level, Americans with a high school diploma or less are the most critical with 56.2% disapproval compared to college graduates who were evenly split with 50.8% disapproval while college students graduates narrowly approved of Ms. Harris from 48.7% to 48.2%.

Men are more critical with 57.5% disapproving of the vice president, but it’s narrower with female voters with 48.7% disapproving versus 43.4% approving.

Unsurprisingly, that split along partisan lines with 76.4% of Democrats approving versus 87.1% of Republicans disapproving.


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Similarly, 62.2% of independents also disapprove of Ms Harris.

Meanwhile, 59.4% of white voters disapprove of Ms Harris, while in contrast 63% of black voters approve. A narrow majority of Hispanic voters 45.9% to 44.2% disapprove.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine last month, Mr. Biden has imposed heavy sanctions on Russia, including a total oil embargo.

The 46th US president also authorized more than $1 billion in arms shipments to Ukraine and closed US airspace to all Russian aircraft.

Mr Biden and Ms Harris also visited key NATO allies in Eastern Europe, such as Poland, to reassure nations that Washington would come to their defense if attacked by Moscow.


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