Janelle Brown Jet-Setting Businesswoman and grandmother, Bye Kody?


Janelle Brown caught some major heat in Season 16 of sister wives for not sitting still during the pandemic. Her husband, Kody, felt that she and his former third wife, Christine, should not travel at all. It was too risky and they should be more careful about what they did and where they went. Still, the two maintained that they were following CDC guidelines and that Kody was overreacting. Now Janelle proudly displays her travel lifestyle without Kody by her side and she lives her best life.

Janelle Brown – Mama Bear and Risk Taker

Viewers got to know Janelle as Kody’s business-focused second wife. When sister wives created in 2010, it very clearly expressed its desire to work rather than be at home. Luckily, she had two other wives helping her raise her children. The mum-of-six was primarily assisted by his third wife, Christine. She arrived a year after Janelle married Kody and really helped raise all of the Brown children. This created a very close bond between the two women and was very vital when the pandemic hit in 2020.

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At that time there were four wives and now eighteen children, many of whom were adults. They had moved to Flagstaff two years prior and still had not built on their Coyote Pass land. This meant that all wives lived at a distance from each other and all relationships were in trouble. First wife Meri had moved away from the family. Admittedly, she and Kody were just friends, and she split her time between Flagstaff and her hostel in Utah.

janelle brown - christine brown youtube
janelle brown – christine brown youtube

As for Christine and Janelle, they still had three children each at home. They were both subject to rules set by Kody which they felt were over the top. Christine always wanted to travel as she had kids out of state and the same with Janelle. When Kody asked why she was so protective of her children, primarily her two oldest sons, it was simple. She wasn’t going to throw them away during a pandemic. Her true Mama Bear nature was in full swing and she was ready to choose them over Kody any day.

Janelle – Business by day, grandma by night

When Kody was reviewing Janelle Brown for traveling during the pandemic, he left out where she was going and why. She traveled to North Carolina to be with their daughter, Maddie. Maddie’s daughter, Evie K. was one year old and was undergoing very serious surgery associated with FATCO Syndrome. Janelle did not take vacations but was instead there for her family. Now she’s back in North Carolina for a business trip. The upside is that she spends time being a boss while seeing her grandchildren.

Janelle Brown Credit: Janelle Brown IG

Maddie has two children, Axel and Evie K. with husband Caleb Brush. Additionally, she is in business with her mother and Christine to promote Plexus. Christin’s daughter Mykelti has also just joined their little tribe. Although it was a very short trip, Kody was nowhere in sight. Fans actually asked if Kody was even seeing his grandkids. The Brush family came to visit her just after Evie’s birth but nothing since.

sister wives janelle brown - kody
sister wives janelle brown – kody

It was mentioned that they would come in the fall of 2020, but that was later dismissed. He also has a granddaughter in Utah through Mykelti and her husband, Tony. It doesn’t seem like Janelle even needs Kody to live her best life. During the second part of the story, it was clarified that they are just very good friends at this point. It’s good because it continues to propel her to be the best businesswoman, mother and grandmother possible.

Don’t miss the last part of Sister wives: tete-a-tete airs Sunday, February 20 on TLC.

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