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The inevitable will now go wrong. Juan Soto and the Washington Nationals are heading for an ugly split.

Soto has had quite the week so far. On Monday he won the Home Run Derby and the next day he won the All-Star Game. However, not everything was in harmony behind the scenes. Agent Scott Boras has now revealed the Nationals refused to charter a private plane for Soto from Washington DC to Los Angeles.

“All I know here is that the Atlanta Braves and Juan Soto played a game (on Sunday). The Atlanta Braves got here five hours earlier than Juan Soto. You know why? Because their team chartered a plane. Juan Soto had to fly on a commercial flight…get here at 1:30 a.m….enter the Home Run Derby,” Boras told Sports Illustrated.

ESPN analyst Buster Olney tweeted his take on the Soto-Nationals saga, and it didn’t sit well among fans.

The Nationals should have chartered a private flight for Juan Soto for the HR Derby. Instead of the Nats doing the right thing, Scott Boras also had the option of arranging a flight for the client. Instead of a team or an agent, Soto earns $17.1 million; he could have done it too.

“The Nationals should have chartered a private flight for Juan Soto for the HR Derby. Instead of the Nats doing the right thing, Scott Boras also had the option of arranging a flight for the client. Instead of a team or agent stepping up, Soto makes $17.1 million; he could have done it too.” -Buster Olney

Soto is one of the biggest stars in baseball today. He recently turned down the Nationals’ astronomical 15-year extension offer worth $440 million. Had Soto signed on the dotted line, he would have put pen to paper on the most lucrative contract in MLB history.

Naturally, Soto’s decision not to renew has sparked plenty of rumors about his possible next destination. The Dominican sensation will enter free agency after 2024.

MLB fans blast Buster Olney’s take on Juan Soto-Washington Nationals saga

It’s bad public relations for the Nationals in every way.

The Nats were ready to offer Soto a record-breaking contract. Now that he has refused, fans can’t help but speculate if the club retaliate. It looks petty, and that’s exactly what it looks like from the outside.

Olney’s tweet implied that Boras and Soto were able to make the travel arrangements themselves. Yes they are, but why should they pay out of their own pocket?

@Buster_ESPN Nothing says America like a big company reporter saying an employee should pay out of pocket to attend a work-related obligation.

@Buster_ESPN LOL. Wait, weren’t you advocating that an employee spend out of pocket on a work-related function? Because “Soto makes $17.1 million, he could have done it too.” Looks nicely cut and dry to me. Do you often travel at your own expense for Sunday Night Baseball?

@Buster_ESPN This is miscommunication for Washington. He also shouts: reprisals. He refuses their extension and they are like “see you at ASG” (even if you represent us in our uniform there). I’m all for making millionaires pay, but it looks wrong. It’s a business trip; the company pays

It could just be Scott Boras being Scott Boras. He may just be trying to add fuel to the fire. This could certainly help him in his quest for a record contract from elsewhere for his client.

@Buster_ESPN Bora$ claimed he wasn’t allowed to do it, but you’re 1000% correct that Soto could have done it. IMO, it’s just another Bora$ waterfall.

Some fans don’t seem bothered by the ongoing chaos, and rightly so. Soto flew commercial class, maybe first or business class, so you’ll be fine. If it hadn’t been for his contractual situation, I doubt it would have been overdone as it has been.

@Buster_ESPN Why does everyone think they have the right to a private jet? The globe literally burns on all continents. I sure hope it didn’t scar him for life.

@Buster_ESPN People act like he took a boxcar to LA. The dude undoubtedly flew first class, but everyone stood up to say he probably had to sit next to a peasant for a few hours. I think he will live.

@Buster_ESPN In fact, can we stop normalizing private flights for an individual? No reason he can’t fly first class

The Nationals will be sure to receive offers for Soto in the coming days. We will continue to monitor the situation.

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