Inglewood mover to reinvigorate business and ease traffic


By Jason Lewis

After a full NFL season with fans at SoFi Stadium in 2021, many Inglewood residents have expressed concerns about traffic issues. This was to be expected, so the city of Inglewood began developing plans to alleviate traffic problems long before the stadium opened.

A major plan underway is to build an elevated, automated people mover that will connect to the Crenshaw/LAX line of the subway at Florence Avenue, pass through downtown Inglewood at Market Street, turn onto Manchester Boulevard and will head to Prairie Avenue where it will connect to the Forum, SoFi Stadium and the Clippers Arena when complete. This project, called the Inglewood Transit Connector (ITC) project, is expected to be completed by 2028, just in time for the Olympics.

Lisa Trifiletti, Principal of Trifiletti Consulting and ITC Project Manager, gave a presentation on the project at the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Los Angeles’ Urban Marketplace. She spoke not only about traffic problems, but also about transporting people.

“The goals of the city and the goals and objectives of the mayor were not only to invigorate and bring people into the center of sports and entertainment, housing and employment, but it was also to do so. a way that has brought revitalization to the hallway, including the historic core.

There are several vacant storefronts along Market Street, so a mover starting in this area will bring more foot traffic to this business district, bringing more business to retail stores and restaurants.

The main concern of Inglewood residents is the traffic problem, which the mover is being set up to solve.

“All of this is aimed at reducing congestion on the day of the event,” Trifiletti said. “This is designed to move 10,000 to 12,000 people at peak times. We will also provide parking in the city center because there are not enough spaces for 70,000 seats at the stadium. There are approximately 12,000 parking spaces at the stadium.

There will be parking in the city center near the people mover station and people can take the subway to Inglewood. This project will also help Inglewood residents get around and leave town faster.

“It also works in reverse,” Trifiletti said. “People who live in Inglewood and have jobs elsewhere can use the public transit system to get to the greater LA area.”

This plan is well advanced and the city is working quickly to start construction and get the project up and running before the Olympics.

“We were able to get the environmental clearance,” Trifiletti said. “We were able to get a third of the funding. We are in line with the federal government to get an additional $650 million to which we are entitled. We are identified by LA Metro as a priority project in their Golden Opportunity Package for the Olympics. We are working with Project Labor in order to have 35% local hires. We work with small businesses, disadvantaged businesses and local schools. We have a very good relationship with the Inglewood Unified School District, Community College District and we have an apprenticeship program in place.

A summit will be held in June with the City of Inglewood, Cal Trans, LA Metro, Los Angeles International Airport, City of Los Angeles and local business owners to further discuss this project. For more information, visit


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