How Small Businesses Can Access Reduced Shipping Rates


ShipStation, the world’s largest multi-channel, multi-carrier e-commerce shipping solution, is launching a new feature designed to bring greater savings to small businesses that have signed up for the service.

ShipStation now offers a single balance account for making payments to any carrier on the system, giving smaller retailers access to preferred service rates – the types of discounts typically reserved for major ASX companies.

“When small businesses are competing against larger companies – especially big box retailers – the cost of shipping can be the difference between making a sale and failing to sell,” says Sophia Pope, director of sales from ShipStation, ANZ. “ShipStation now offers discounted pricing, which provides more value and convenience for merchants. Instead of purchasing labels and managing payments through several different carrier accounts, customers can use the discounted rates ShipStation has negotiated on their behalf, saving more money and time.

Because the company has negotiated rates with major carriers, merchants no longer need to create individual accounts with each carrier, connecting their sales channel to ShipStation’s core platform. This provides immediate access to major carriers without having to take additional steps, enabling discounted label printing with one-stop billing.

“The principle of ShipStation is that we cover all of a retailer’s shipping needs on one platform,” says Pope. “What we’re offering now is essentially a single postage account, giving retailers access to multiple shipping services in one place. They can import all their orders from one or more sales channels and print and pay for these labels within the platform. It’s the whole idea of ​​us being a one-stop-shop – it’s super easy.

ShipStation’s discounted pricing is especially beneficial for small businesses that are growing and increasing their offering. As an order management and shipping optimization platform for retailers selling online, the problem ShipStation solves is at the heart of classic e-commerce history. Most businesses start selling through a single channel (usually their own website) and typically use a single shipping provider, but as they start to grow – adding more SKUs while selling through channels and more marketplaces – their back-end processes inevitably become more complicated. This leads to delivery issues, leading to bad reviews and poor customer experience.

“That’s because they didn’t have the right business processes in place from the start,” says Pope, “and they face several limitations, including resources, budgets, and business expertise. shipping. At ShipStation, we help retailers become as efficient as possible, and that’s the main feature of the platform in that it automates and simplifies all kinds of complex shipping tasks. »

This assistance extends to training retailers on how to handle more complex fulfillment issues. This ranges from helping businesses compare different shipping rates offered in ShipStation via a rate calculator (allowing users to quickly view all available rates for a package and compare options based on speed and cost) to choosing the right packaging, an issue often overlooked by small businesses. Package dimensions have a significant impact on shipping costs, with most shipping options based on size and weight. Platform users can clearly see how these different dimensions affect cost, helping them better manage their packaging processes and save money on every shipment.

Every company that joins ShipStation starts with a 30-day trial. Signing up is a simple four-step process that involves connecting your store, choosing the carrier accounts you want to use, deciding how you’ll print shipping labels, and selecting a pickup location. After signing up, you’ll be ready to print labels in minutes and you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will then set up your account and answer any questions you may have.

To start your 30-day trial with ShipStation, click here.


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