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It is in fact a tool that wants to reduce tax evasion and at the same time meet the citizens.

Ansa, Roma Ettore Vieri

After a few months away from public space, the subject Tax refund: It is a tool that will be used to deduct medicines, analyses, treatments, visits, social and health assistance that can be provided to citizens and pay for them at their own expense through telematic tools such than Implementation that each of us has smartphone. This situation does not exclusively concern the above costs. The same will apply to other forms of costs that must be included in the enabling law to reform taxa crucial subject on which the government’s attention is focused despite concerns about the war in Ukraine which has slowed down and flooded the agenda of Mario Draghi and his ministers.

Health care costs, intervention and benefits

Ansa and Filippo Ateli

Currently, all health expenses will be transferred directly to the citizen’s current account (Such as health check-ups, professional visits, help and treatment or medication) predicted in a fully traceable way. A path which, in the intentions of the M5, should be extended to other types of deductible costs. The main objective would be to start with the first Social and health expenditure. It is only later, in the event of positive results, that other deductible expenses may also be taken into account. This presupposes finding additional funds: for the moment, there is no necessary financial cover, which can only be sought with the next budgetary manoeuvre.

Cashback, that’s what changes


The CEO gave the go-ahead for the scaffolding he requested 5 star movement. The rule ensures a gradual change in public finances: a change which affects, without additional cost, the discount provided for in Article 15 of the The Unified Income Tax Law (Al-Taweer). These costs also include those related to medical costs if they are related to direct purchases of goods and services to be made with applications on mobile phones. The Five Star Movement was happy to accept the method it had set itself and declared through one of its representatives that “the system Tax refund As we have suggested: the government has accepted the spirit and logic of the law by directly disbursing “rebates”, and there is a proposal to improve Leu to which we place no obstacle.


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