Gujarat transports students from the capital by road; Bihar will bear travel expenses – The New Indian Express


Express press service

AHMEDABAD/PATNA: Many Indian students from Gujarat have returned from Ukraine to the safety of their families over the past day. On Sunday, students from across the state including Vadodara, Surat and Ahmedabad were airlifted.

Twenty-one students returned to Vadodara, six students returned to Surat while some students from Ahmedabad arrived at GMDC auditorium around 1 p.m. Leaders, including the Minister of National Education, arrived to welcome them.

Gujarati students stranded in Ukraine arrived safely in New Delhi at 4am on Sunday via a specially launched rescue flight. “To bring the students back to Gujarat, we sent two multi-axle buses, each of which can accommodate 45 people, but for Delhi, the distance by road is greater, we did not send a bus there.

Instead, we linked up with the Uttar Pradesh transport company who agreed to deploy their buses and transport our students to the state,” said an officer from Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation. Six students from the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi have arrived in Surat. they were received at Surat Circuit House.

Thirteen reach Patna
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced on Sunday that the state government will ensure that Bihar students coming from Ukraine return home safely. Speaking to the media, the chief minister said officials had been tasked with making the necessary arrangements for the students’ travel to their respective hometowns after disembarking at the country’s airports from Ukraine.

According to a rough estimate, around 18,000 students from Bihar were studying medicine in various medical colleges in Ukraine. On Sunday, a total of 13 students, mostly female students, landed at Patna airport.

While seven students boarded the flight to Patna after landing in New Delhi, the remaining six students arrived from Mumbai. Authoritative sources said another five students are expected to reach the state capital by an evening flight from the nation’s capital.


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