Friends of Scituate Animal Shelter receives grant to help with veterinary expenses | News


SCITUATE — A $5,000 grant to Friends of Scituate Animal Shelter will help cover veterinary care costs for animals at the shelter for another year, volunteer Nick Murphy said.

Murphy, who is a member of Friends of Scituate Animal Shelter and a volunteer at the animal shelter, said the group applies for the grant each year to help with “extraordinary” dog and cat care items.

He said without the grant, he doesn’t know who the group or shelter would turn to for help. Although fundraising is a big piece of the pie, Murphy said the Rhode Island Foundation’s $5,000 grant was huge.

Friends help pay for neutering cats and dogs, as well as veterinary visits, exams and medications.

“That’s the biggest part of it. A lot of abandoned dogs have Lyme disease and different things they need to be treated for,” Murphy said.

He said some animals arrive with skin allergies or mange and need special medication and treatment.

“You see things that you don’t want to see, that people can treat animals badly,” he said.

Murphy said the expansion of the Scituate Animal Sanctuary at 106 George Washington Highway is in its final stages. The expansion was approved in 2018, including a concrete addition measuring 30 feet by 30 feet to add more space for new offices, as well as a redesigned entrance for a meeting space for people and their potential adoptees. furry.

The expansion will take kittens and pregnant cats out of a small water heater closet and place them in a healthy and comfortable environment.

Joanna Sparling of the Scituate Animal Shelter Building Committee said the animal shelter project is coming to an end with a few final pieces.

“We are in the frustrating final stages of getting the contractor back to review the final slate,” she said.

Murphy said the renovations have opened up plenty of space for kittens and cats, and the entire facility looks good.

He added that Friends of the Scituate Animal Shelter is accepting donations, which can be made online on the group’s Facebook page or by mailing Friends of the Scituate Animal Shelter, PO Box 14, Clayville, RI 02815.

“We need all the help we can get, just like animals do,” Murphy said.


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