Former chief housekeeper accuses Mackinaw City hotel owners of poor business practices


Trina Bailey was the head housekeeper of several Mackinaw City hotels, all owned by Joe and Enzo Leghio.

Bailey alleges poor customer service and the fact that employees are not treated fairly is hurting the village’s tourism industry.

“It does damage, but you won’t see it for a few years because people just don’t know how much they have,” Bailey said. “They think they’re staying in a place that isn’t his and he owns it.”

According to Bailey, the Leghios have swept bad reviews of their businesses under the rug for years.

“When someone had a complaint at the hotel, he would tell them to complain to the Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce, so the complaint would go to his own website and he would take it down, so everyone’s complaints world weren’t being heard,” Bailey said.

Although the attorney general’s office has issued a notice of intent to action for three of Leghio’s hotels, Bailey doesn’t believe the issue is close to being resolved.

“To be honest, the letter the attorney general gave him, it was more like a warning, a slap on the wrist that you need to change your ways,” Bailey said. “Actually, I think they have to dig.”

Enzo Leghio has denied Bailey’s accusations, but will not comment on the attorney general’s report until the process is complete.

In a press release, the Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce said the notice of intended action “should not be suggested as a reflection of the business community as a whole.”


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