Fleet of Renault Master vans transformed into mobile coronavirus test units

Renault Master Van

A fleet of 500 Renault Master vans have been specially converted to Mobile Test Units (MTUs) to help the NHS Test and Trace program across the UK.

The vehicles were ordered by the Department of Health and Social Affairs (DHSC) through Crown Commercial Services, the Master vans were adapted through TGS vehicle conversions and then managed through LeasePlan UK.

Vincent Tourette, Managing Director of Renault UK, said: “We are extremely pleased that the Renault Master is helping the DHSC continue its invaluable work in controlling the spread of COVID and further improving the size of what is the larger network. diagnostic testing facilities in British history.

Master Renault
The Master van includes everything you need for testing

“Being able to deliver such a large number of base vehicles in such a short period of time was a big challenge, but it’s something that we and our plant were proud to overcome. It is very gratifying to see the Renault Master MTUs in frontline service and contributing to the UK’s fight against COVID.

The new vehicles allowed DHSC to double its existing fleet of mobile test units. Each van can hold up to 1,000 test kits, much more than the 500 kits carried by the original van.

Master van
Each van comes with a foldable awning and tent

Despite a significant design change requiring sliding doors on either side of the van, the 500 conversions were completed by the end of March at a rate of 60 per week. The purpose-built vehicles contain comfortable and safe test conditions, with twin canopies installed to allow for driving tests. A generator provides additional power and there are all kinds of electrical access points as well.

The vehicle order also included technical training for all who will be using the mobile test unit, as well as Covid-safe handling procedures for vehicle handover and collection. A hotline dedicated to MTU providers has also been set up.

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