Dominant performance key to memorable victory for Greg Anderson in Atlanta final

Greg Anderson had the moment when he wanted to shut down Atlanta Dragway.

The longtime star finished a dominant performance at the Southern Nationals Lucas Oil NHRA this weekend, overtaking Vincent Nobile with a 6.568 to 209.04 on the last lap in his Denso Chevrolet Camaro. Nobile ran 6.598 to 208.78 in the losing effort.

It was a monumental victory on a number of fronts, starting with Anderson being the final winner of Pro Stock in Atlanta. It also gave Anderson his fifth victory at the Georgia House of Speed, tying him to Warren Johnson, who was honored in pre-race activities on Sunday, for the most wins in history. of Pro Stock on the track.

The end-to-end triumph also gave Anderson his 96th career victory – and second in 2021 – putting him away from Johnson for the most in Pro Stock history. Anderson will be focusing on that aspect soon enough, but his main priority on Sunday was to end his incredible run at Atlanta Dragway with a win.

“It was an absolute dream weekend. My Denso Chevy, it was absolutely spotless all weekend, ”Anderson said. “I’ve never had four smoother and more enjoyable races than this one. It was just a great day and a storybook affair. There is a lot of history here and I love to run here. Tying up Warren and going out with five each is great. It was a dream, it was wonderful and I want to thank everyone who helped us.

Anderson won in Gainesville to open the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series season, and he may have outdone himself with this weekend’s performance. After qualifying No.1, he kept a pace no one could match, going from 6.560 to 209.82, 6.571 to 209.46 and 6.575 to 208.59 to reach the final round. Only Erica Enders made it interesting, posting a reaction time of 0.009 in the semi-finals. But Anderson passed her before the half track and qualified for victory in the final.

In his first race since the 2018 season, Nobile enjoyed a welcome comeback, advancing to his 26th final round with a series of upheavals. He toppled Troy Coughlin Jr., Aaron Stanfield and Deric Kramer to meet Anderson, but the veteran was just too much in the championship round.

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