Cyberpunk 2077 AMD FSR 2.0 User Mod Doubles Framerates


Modders have found a way to make AMD’s latest and greatest scaling algorithm work in Cyberpunk 2077. A NexusMods (opens in a new tab) Contributor called PotatoOfDoom1337 has posted files and instructions for using AMD FSR 2.0 in-game. Please note a disclaimer that the mod is “proof of concept” and testers should expect bugs. Nonetheless, PotatoOfDoom1337 shared compelling screenshots and performance details.

One of the key pieces of evidence to qualify this mod is the pair of gameplay screenshots. The first screenshot shows the game with FSR 2.0 Balanced and all settings on Max; the second screenshot shows FSR 1.0 Balanced and all settings on Max. We didn’t have to zoom in and rub our chins for a long time to see the difference; AMD FSR 2.0 is immediately more detailed and lively.

PotatoOfDoom1337 said he ran the game at 4K on his aging GeForce GTX 1080, with FPS doubled to 45 FPS when FSR 2.0 was applied. MxBenchmarkPC YouTube Channel (opens in a new tab) already made a good comparison video.

If you are interested in the PotatoOfDoom1337 mod, go to the project page, download the files and follow the step-by-step guide to install it. Remember again that this tinkering could break your game installation and waste a lot of your time. Also, if you are a regular user of Nvidia DLSS in this game, this mod disables this upscaler. After installing this mod in the game UI, you will adjust the FSR 2.0 settings using the DLSS quality menu.

Cyberpunk 2077 is among the most demanding AAA games and is something of a standard when benchmarking graphics cards. One of the attractive aspects of Cyberpunk 2077 for benchmarking is the game’s support for modern graphics technologies such as real-time ray tracing and current upscaling technologies such as DLSS and FSR. . Additionally, the responsiveness of the game engine to more powerful processors is also appreciable.

Officially, Cyberpunk 2077 currently only supports FSR 1.0, so fans of the title can’t wait to see this upgraded to the more capable and polished FSR 2.0. However, AMD has warned that FSR 2.0 is not simply a drop-in replacement for the previous version, and developers have to spend between three days and four weeks to get this upscaler up and running.

After absorbing the nature of this mod/hack, one can’t help but wonder if a similar bit of file swapping and registry editing could make FSR 2.0 work in other titles that support DLSS. (opens in a new tab).

AMD dropped the FSR 2.0 source code earlier this week, with some barbs thrown at Nvidia DLSS and Intel XeSS. Shortly after, GPUOpen announced that FSR 2.0 was on its way to Microsoft’s Xbox consoles. The open nature of AMD FSR 2.0 could help it gain traction against the competition.


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