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While most counties in Kentucky remain at the highest level of COVID-19 incidence, numbers continue to trend downward locally and statewide.

From Jan. 11 to Feb. 7, all 120 counties were at the highest level of incidence — more than 25 cases per 100,000 population over the previous seven days, colored red on a color-coded map provided by the Kentucky Department for Public Health – but Carlisle County fell below that level on Tuesday as the only county not colored red.

On Wednesday, all counties in Kentucky were red again, but on Thursday, four counties, including Carlisle, were at the second highest incidence rate, 10 to 25 cases per 100,000 population, colored orange on the color-coded map .

McCracken County’s incidence rate has fallen rapidly since hitting its pandemic high of 408.1 on Jan. 25. The rate has fallen daily since Thursday’s rate of 55.9.

Other Thursday incidence rates for counties in the Jackson Purchase area are: Ballard, 34.4; Calloway, 56.4; Carlisle, 18.0; Fulton, 28.7; Graves, 54.1; Hickman, 45.7; and Marshall, 62.5.

Rates from other counties in the region for Thursday include Caldwell, 74.0; Christian, 64.3; Livingston, 63.7; Lyons, 81.8; and Trigg, 32.2.

The positivity rate is another indicator of the spread of COVID-19. This is the percentage of positive COVID tests.

The positivity rate for McCracken County is 25.36%, which means just over 1 in 4 COVID tests were positive.

Other Thursday positivity rates around Jackson’s purchase include Ballard, 29.21%; Calloway, 18.71%; Carlisle, 16.07%; Fulton, 22.86%; Graves, 20.58%; Hickmann, 15.49%; and Marshall, 24.94%.

Other positivity rates for counties in the region include Caldwell, 15.41%; Christian, 9.17%; Livingstone, 21.18%; Lyons, 13.61%; and Trigg, 22.92%.

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