Commissioners transfer $130,000 to cover jail costs | Recent news


YORK – As York County’s fiscal year draws to a close (officially June 30), commissioners have had to review spending against budget figures in different departments to ensure that all have sufficient funds to finish it.

While York County Commissioner Randy Obermier said most departments were well on budget at the end of the fiscal year, “the budget that needs the most is the county jail.”

The Commissioners have the ability to transfer budgetary authority within the General – so that is what they did when it came to the prison budget.

“At the end of May, the fund was $36,000 in the hole and we’ve had payroll and supplier claims ever since,” Obermier said. “At this point, it’s $123,521 in the hole.

“The reason is obvious – we still have over 20 county inmates who are housed outside of our jail” because the county jail is full and packed, Obermier explained.

This has been the case for some time, as there hasn’t been enough room to house all of the inmates in county custody – for the best part of a year or so. When there is no space available here, the county contacts other counties to see if they have space; then the county pays them a daily fee to deal with inmates in that jurisdiction.

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There were also very high expenses for the medical, dental and psychiatric care of the detainees. When people are in county custody, the county is responsible for paying for these expenses as they arise.

“I think to get us through the fiscal year, $130,000 in transfers would be good,” Obermier noted, saying there were surpluses available in the date processing, miscellaneous and construction budgets. county. “We could take money from all three funds to come up with that amount.”

Commissioners agreed to transfers from all three funds to the county jail fund, to keep it in the dark.


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