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The Hoxton revealed plans for its new motorhome experience Camp Hox – and he rewrote all the designs we had on the campsite. Yes, the luxury hotel has set a new standard for West Coast road trips with the trendy American branch of Camp Hox, Win (e) d on Windows, and the whole concept is as fun as it sounds.

Win (e) d down the Windows consists of a Mercedes Sprinter from Texino that transports travelers along California’s Golden Coast – starting, very appropriately, at The Hoxton, Downtown LA, and heading towards the Maze. Apple Trees, Windrose Farm, Paso Robles.

However, in the case of Camp Hox, the journey is just as important as the destination, including stops at vintage home decor stores and wine tasting at various locations along the Pacific Coast Kaleidoscopic Route. Camp Hox has officially reset the bar for relaunched road trips beyond its trendy itinerary.

The Hoxton Hotel Campervan in California

(Image credit: The Hoxton Hotel)

The van is equipped with all the essentials for a luxury California road trip, including a coffeemaker with freshly brewed coffee and oat milk, Hoxton bed linens and towels, and Blank toiletries. There’s also breakfast burritos from Sibling Rival, drinks from Nomadica Wine and Straightaway Cocktails, and olive oil from Pineapple Collaborative because we really told you they’ve thought of everything. Plus, the trip includes olive oil from Pineapple Collaborative and a playlist curated by Hoxton, because what’s a road trip without some tunes?

While the concept was envisioned with adventure in mind, the Hox motorhome is designed to stand out as a voguish alternative to the conventional motorhome that provides a sense of escape at a time when we all have it. most want.

The Hoxton Hotel Campervan in California

(Image credit: The Hoxton Hotel)

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Spotlight: Carma for Dynamics CRM B / OSS integration | Pipeline Magazine Tue, 04 May 2021 01:06:36 +0000

By: Scott St. John

Change is not always consistent. It comes in waves, accelerating rapidly after intervals of stasis.

Harken back to the birth of the interstate highway system. In the United States, the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 came into being half a century earlier, born out of the idea of ​​providing a national infrastructure to get farmers out of the mud and their products on the market faster. At the time it was adopted, it seemed like an even better idea to support the transport of troops, materiel, and aircraft landing in wartime. But, whatever its origin, we have become increasingly dependent on the interstate road network and it has transformed the way we live, where we work and how we explore the world. While sometimes messy, cluttered, and riddled with potholes, we neglect the infrastructure to focus on what more we can accomplish.

Today we can hardly imagine a world without roads, but they are taken for granted. The roads support us and connect us. Without them, there would be no Tesla. No road trips. No Amazon Prime delivery. But we don’t particularly care how they’re made, and we’re quite frustrated when they’re built, modified, and improved. We just want to get from here to there.

This is similar to what we have seen in the telecommunications industry. We have become dependent on outdated infrastructure put in place for particular functions, but no one really likes it. At the same time, the world is changing rapidly. The advent of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud acceleration is creating unprecedented pressure on telecoms to keep up with network changes. With this acceleration, it is imperative to integrate and automate seamlessly, and enable smarter and more efficient ways of working, greater agility and a better customer experience. To go even further, businesses must meet these demands as efficiently as possible, reducing costs while accelerating and increasing revenue.

But no one cares about the old infrastructure, how it is made, or even how it works. They just want it to work. Nobody wants to use an Operational Support System (OSS), Business Support System (BSS), or Element Management System (EMS) – although many people still do. What we want is the ability to focus on innovation. Using the tools we know, like the road, to accomplish a lot. To go from here to there.

Pipeline recently had the opportunity to speak with the leadership of Carma, a company whose mission is to change the game in terms of accelerating telecom innovation. Carma has taken over the entire rich, traditional technology infrastructure of Business and Operational Support Systems (B / OSS) and integrated it into an enterprise platform that everyone is already using: Microsoft. And, Carma goes far beyond the multitude of companies that are clamoring to partner with Microsoft for simple CRM integration. Carma provides real, integrated telecom and operational functionality throughout the entire Microsoft product suite. Think about sales workflows, rules, and business processes in an email in Outlook. Thought CAD floor plans in CRM. These are cool stuff.

Over the past nine months, CEO of Carma Co-Founders Frank McDermott and COO Joe McDermott have led the team through warp-speed technological advancements to create a comprehensive platform of operations and communication based on a fundamental network inventory. Carma consolidates and simplifies the business functions of the company such as sales, orders, costs and revenues; with a basic telecommunications inventory encompassing logical, physical and business rules and processes. Then in 2020, Carma became a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider partner, and that changed almost everything.

“We’re all supporters of Microsoft and the Microsoft cloud,” says Frank. “This eliminated the need to reinvent the wheel and allowed us to accelerate the construction of a complete telecommunications platform for many use cases, while removing silos and consolidating applications.”

As a commercial grade platform, Carma serves all verticals including data centers, edge data centers, cable landing stations, mobile service providers, network operators, etc. . The Carma platform is also uniquely and intentionally designed to be used by all functions and roles of these verticals, from sales and operations to field staff and customer support, with data presented in views. relevant to the particular functions of the users.

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It’s the perfect book to kickstart your summer reading list Mon, 03 May 2021 08:05:58 +0000

There are a lot of things we are already excited about for next summer. The promise of long summer evenings, picnics, barbecues, road trips with friends, tans and pretty dresses… Oh, there’s definitely one more thing: the summer playlist. And we’ve already found the book we’re going to start with: The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary, The Sunday Times bestselling author of Colocation and The switch.

While on her way to Scotland for a friend’s wedding, Addie and her sister had an accident with none other than Addie’s ex Dylan, the man she has avoided since their devastating split. years ago. But here’s the thing: Dylan and his friend are also on their way to the same wedding, and now without a working car, they are forced to join Addie and her sister. With four hundred miles ahead of them and a car full of baggage and secrets, it isn’t long before Addie and Dylan find themselves faced with the messy story of their relationship.

It’s a warm, tender, romantic, and hilarious take on love, relationships, and breakups that will have you eagerly turning every page, especially if you’re already a fan of writers like Marian Keyes and Jojo Moyes. More than some kind of girlish audiobook? This one is read by the silky Eleanor Tomlinson (Love wedding rehearsal, Poldark) and dreamer Josh Dylan (Mamma Mia! Here we are again, Noughts + Crosses).

Whether you’re hitting the road yourself with your friends this summer or enjoying a vacation with a book in hand, The Road Trip is an adventure not to be missed.

Discover The Road Trip by bestselling author of The Flatshare and The Switch Beth O’Leary, now available in hardcover, ebook and audiobook

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This sports season, win free flights for five years with the CRED Mega Jackpot Mon, 03 May 2021 07:43:00 +0000

To meet your travel needs, it is always a good idea to consider ways that will allow you to do so. To get started, choose a credit card that will reward you with such offers. And to top it off, a
credit card payment
app that offers regular perks like cashbacks, rewards and jackpots like CRED.

The pandemic has put an end to road trips, weekend getaways and ocean crossings for many of us. Having itchy feet made the waiting process much more difficult. With that in mind, CRED rewards you for all the restraint and positivity you’ve shown so far.

CRED launched its very first
Mega Jackpot Week
, which runs from April 27 to May 3, will allow members to win big while staying safe in their homes. Purchasing airline tickets, hotels and dining experiences through CRED gives members the chance to earn CRED coins. These CRED coins can then be used to make purchases in the CRED store to access over 1,800 brands and products at exclusive CRED prices. Participating in jackpots gives them the opportunity to win Harley Davidson Fat Boys, gold, brand new iPhones for a decade, a TATA Safari car, a complete home makeover, the ever popular bitcoin and free flights. for five years!

Members-only credit platform CRED has partnered with Ixigo to give five lucky winners a unique chance to win free flights for five years. You can spend more time planning the best itinerary for your next trip, spending the money you’ve saved on tickets to spas, or other experiences you want to try.

Paying your credit card bills has never been more rewarding. To ensure you have an unparalleled experience, CRED Travel Store has partnered with Voyaah and WTFares to add over 250 domestic and international destinations under the “ buy now, travel later ” option. This option allows for future trips when it is safe to venture. Members can book luxury stays at Bison River Resort in Kabini, Atmosphere Kanifushi in Maldives, Hilton Goa, Ayatana Coorg, Taj Mahal Tower Mumbai.

CRED Mega Jackpot Week is open to all 5.9 million CRED members. To join this community of trustworthy and creditworthy individuals, individuals will need to have a credit score of over 750. Members can participate in CRED Mega Jackpot Week using CRED Coins earned by paying their credit card bills. on the app.

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Not keeping pets in cars is a traffic violation, could result in a fine and invalidate your car insurance Mon, 03 May 2021 05:00:00 +0000

Failure to properly secure pets in the car could invalidate your car insurance or see you fined up to £ 5,000.

While drivers can be meticulous when it comes to putting seat belts on themselves or their children, not securing pet passengers could become a very costly mistake.

Motorists distracted by the fact that their pet is loose in the car risk breaking traffic laws, invalidating insurance or getting into trouble with the police

With huge increases in the number of pet owners since the pandemic, and with many families expected to plan a vacation closer to home this year because of the coronavirus, the Uswitch Comparison Service says it expects what more road users than ever are starting to travel with pets as we head into the warmer months. .

And it’s not just dogs that should be properly secured inside a vehicle.
Anything from a cat to a hamster falls under rule 57 of the highway code, which says if it’s okay to take your four-legged friend in a car, he must be safe. in the car.

The rule, published on the government website guide to road safety, reads: “When you are in a vehicle, make sure that dogs or other animals are properly restrained so that they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or injure you, if you fall into place. stop quickly.

“A seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog crate or dog guard are some ways of restraining animals in cars.”

Highway Rule 57 states that all animals must be properly restrained while in a car
Highway Rule 57 states that all animals must be properly restrained while in a car

While non-compliance with the Highway Traffic Act does not result in direct punishment, drivers risk further fines and penalties if their pet is found to have distracted them while driving.

Motorists are at risk of being stopped by police for not having proper control of a vehicle or for driving without proper care and attention, costly infractions with permit points on a permit, can potentially result in a driving ban and / or a fine – up to £ 5,000 if a case goes to court.

And if your pet’s behavior inside the car is proven to have caused or contributed to an accident, drivers might also find that their auto insurance becomes invalid as well, like all pet insurance policies from Canada. company they own.

With more new pet owners than ever likely to hit the roads this summer, drivers are urged to prepare
With more new pet owners than ever likely to hit the roads this summer, drivers are urged to prepare

Joel Kempson, auto insurance expert at Uswitch, advises anyone who may be driving with a pet on board this summer to discuss with their insurance companies and the schedules of some repeat trips.

He explained, “Now that the weather is warming up and the holiday season is approaching, it’s important to keep in mind that some locked out pets may not have made a lot of trips to the area. To avoid accidents, try to take your pets on shorter trips before you go on vacation to get them used to the movement.

“When you’re driving, it’s best to be prepared and take it slow. Planning and investing in the right equipment to keep your pets safe can save you a lot of hassle in the long run, as can checking with your insurer to see if your pets are covered. “

Drivers are advised to invest in a good quality harness, crate or guard to keep an animal safe while traveling
Drivers are advised to invest in a good quality harness, crate or guard to keep an animal safe while traveling

DogsTrust launched its own “ Houndway Code ” ahead of the peak periods of previous summers, with the aim of reminding drivers how to best travel with a dog on board. You can find out more about this campaign here.

The RAC breakdown service also reminds motorists visit his website, that not having their dog properly tied up could mean they are at risk of breaking the law.

In addition to advice on choosing a good quality harness, crate or guard to keep an animal safe, he also shares a number of other tips that drivers may want to take on board when on board. ‘they travel with animals.

Buy travel bowls for water, make regular stops, use blinds to block direct sunlight, be extra careful to help furry friends relax, be mindful of motion sickness, and use the car to more than visits to the vet to prevent animals from associating travel with distress is also recommended.

For more information on county-wide pets, click here.

Read more: All the latest news from Kent

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Randle scores 31 points as Knicks crush Rockets 122-97 Mon, 03 May 2021 03:14:00 +0000

HOUSTON (AP) Julius Randle scored 31 points in the three quarterfinals to lead the New York Knicks to a 122-97 victory over the Houston Rockets on Sunday night.

Randle, who had seven rebounds and six assists, scored 15 points in the third quarter to complete the lead and spent the fourth quarter on the bench with the game out of reach.

“We increased it in the second half,” said Randle. “ We had good plays, the defense tightened and we opened the game. ”

It was the 11th win in 12 games for the Knicks and the seventh loss in eight games for the Rockets, who have the NBA’s worst record at 16-49.

New York also beat Houston in this season’s first meeting on February 13 to win the Season Series for the first time since 2002-03. This is only the Knicks’ second victory in Houston in 16 trips, with the last scheduled for November 21, 2015.

Randle continued his recent stellar game by scoring at least 30 points for the fourth time in five games. It is the 13th time this season that he has finished with 30 points or more.

“He’s seen all types of defense throughout the season,” said New York coach Tom Thibodeau. “He got comfortable with the doubles team, he got to know the attacking zones. There is a great deal of versatility in his game that puts a lot of pressure on the defense. ”

The Rockets scored five straight points, punctuated by a Christian Wood dunk, to reduce the lead to 73-64 with about 5 minutes left in the third quarter.

But Randle made a lopsided layup seconds later before making 3 straight runs to extend New York’s lead to 81-64 with 4 minutes left in the quarter.

After his second 3 of this period, a small group of Knicks fans started singing: “ MVP, MVP ”.

Jae’Sean Tate finished the race with a layup for the Rockets, but New York scored the next seven points, with 3s from Reggie Bullock and Derrick Rose to make 88-66 with about 2 minutes left in the third.

The Knicks were 20 points ahead about a minute later when Randle regained the upper hand, scoring five quick points to push the lead to 93-68.

“The demoralizing feeling you get especially with a young team and the emotions that go with it, it happened again tonight,” said Houston coach Stephen Silas.

Wood had 19 points and eight rebounds for the Rockets who struggled at long range, making just 8 of 35 3 points.

New York rose 28 points in the fourth quarter before using a 7-0 run to reach 117-82 with about 5 1/2 minutes left, and all of the Knicks’ starters went to the bench soon after. .


Knicks: RJ Barrett had 21 points, seven rebounds and five assists. … Rookie Immanuel Quickley had 13 points off the bench. … New York had 18 of 35 3s.

Rockets: Kelly Olynyk had 17 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists. … Bradley started after missing the last two games with a pain in his right leg and had seven points. … Danuel House Jr. missed his third straight game with pain in his right ankle. … DJ Augustin missed his 11th game in a row with a sprained left ankle. … Coach Stephen Silas has said Eric Gordon, absent since March 11 with a strained groin, is doing better and could return this season.


Rose, who scored 24 goals on Sunday, is starting to feel again after missing eight games following a COVID-19 diagnosis in late February. But he still has work to do.

“I’m still trying to lose a few pounds,” he said. “ During COVID, I gained weight. I ate a little. I’m trying to do some extra conditioning. I would like to lose two or three more pounds. ”


Knicks: Play Memphis on Monday night in Game 2 of a six-game road trip.

Rockets: Host Philadelphia Wednesday night before setting off on a four-game road trip.

More AP NBA: and

Copyright 2021 STATS LLC and Associated Press. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of STATS LLC and Associated Press is strictly prohibited.

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Cairns man embarks on epic Australian road trip in electric car Mon, 03 May 2021 02:23:06 +0000

Cairns man Phil Smith travels across rural Australia to educate people about the pros and cons of long-distance electric vehicle (EV) travel.

He said driving his car on the east coast was relatively easy thanks to the regular fast-charging stations between Port Douglas and Melbourne, but that it was a different story further inland.

Mr Smith left Cairns about three weeks ago and has passed through Townsville, Rockhampton, Emerald, Longreach, Winton and Mt Isa.

He was in Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, when he spoke to the ABC.

“Once you get away from the coast and start traveling through the countryside and outback of Queensland, there aren’t many places you can reload quickly,” he says.

“Fortunately, there is an app called Plugshare, which allows people to share places they have found where you can recharge.”

Mr Smith said he could safely travel about 400 kilometers between charges.

“You have to try to find places with high amp power outlets,” he said.

When Mr. Smith can’t find fast charges or even high-current outlets, he has to use normal 240-volt electricity straight from a wall.

“Using a normal 240 volt outlet will take more than a day to fully charge my car to allow it to travel 500 kilometers,” he said.

A dark colored sedan parked in front of a road sign.
Mr. Smith drives his Model 3 Tesla in Australia.(

Provided: Phil Smith


Cost counting

Mr Smith said the cost of electric vehicles was also a barrier.

“An entry-level Tesla costs around $ 65,000, which is not a cheap car,” he said.

“But if you take into account that you only have to pay for tires and brakes after purchase, and if you charge your car slowly from home, it actually comes down to being cheaper.

One of the reasons for Mr Smith’s trip is to raise awareness of the lack of fast-charging stations in rural Australia.

He regularly tweeted updates about his travels.

“I check in to the Plugshare app, where I comment on upload speeds, upload photos and make comments,” Smith said.

“Then I plan to travel to Katherine, then Darwin, Broome, then Perth, then Adelaide, Melbourne, Tasmania.

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BSJ Game Report: Rangers 5, Red Sox 3 – Bullpen Stumbles As Sox Loses The Game, Series Sun, 02 May 2021 23:01:22 +0000

Everything you need to know about the Red Sox loss to Rangers, with BSJ analysis and insight:



Bullpen can’t nail it: The Red Sox extended their lead with a 3-1 run in the start of the seventh, despite being a rookie Garrett whitlock, turning out to be human after all, gave it back when he ceded a solo circuit to Isiah Kiner-Falefa, the first inning Whitlock allowed in seven appearances. It was bad, but it was going to get worse soon. Up 3-2, the Sox turned to Adam ottavino in the eighth, and he proceeded to implode, allowing two walks and a single draw. And when Matt barnes tried to keep the game tied, he was greeted by a single from a former teammate Brock Holt. Entrance Garrett richards had limited the Rangers to one inning in the first five innings and Darwinzon Hernandez continues his hot race with a scoreless sixth. But over the next two innings, three Red Sox relievers combined to allow four runs on four hits and two steps. And instead of a face-saving sweep and a winning road trip, the Red Sox left Texas without either.

Chances missed early in the round are costly: A familiar model has reappeared for the Red Sox. Having taken the lead at the start, they once had lost opportunities to give themselves some breathing space. In the second, third, fourth and fifth, the Sox finished each inning failing at least one baserunner in goal position, three of which left a runner on third base. Twice the culprit was JD Martinez, who hit in a deadly rally, the inning ending double plays in the third and fifth. In between, it was the bottom of the roster – where the offense will die – that was to blame. A walk by Rafael Devers and a wild throw that sent him to second place gave the Sox a golden chance, but the Texas rookie Mike Foltynewicz to pose Marwin Gonzalez, Renfroe hunter and Franchy Cordero in order to keep the game in hand for the Rangers.

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Buckeyes’ return effort not enough for Purdue, lose three of four Sun, 02 May 2021 22:55:17 +0000

The Ohio State members met on the field in the Ohio State-Michigan game on April 9. Ohio State lost 7-0. Credit: Christian Harsa | Asst. Photo editor

Despite multiple return attempts, the Buckeyes were stopped by Purdue’s late-game efforts on both sides of the ball and lost three of four to the Boilermakers.

Ohio State (18-17) won Game 1 of the series Friday, but lost the remaining three games to Purdue (13-23) to complete the first half of an eight-game road trip.

The Buckeyes started the weekend with a 5-1 victory behind a combination of senior right-hander Payton Buresch in the circle and junior third baseman Ashley Prange with three RBIs and a two-doubles performance.

Purdue rebounded with a double sweep on Saturday, winning Game 1 by a score of 4-2 and winning 7-6 in Game 2 after Ohio State scored three points in their last game at bat to tie the game. .

The Buckeyes didn’t quite catch up on Sunday as the Boilermakers took a low lead in the first set to the finish, winning 4-2. Three Ohio State hitters played multi-stroke games in the final.

Game 1

On their first trip to West Lafayette, Indiana since 2012, the Buckeyes greeted the Boilermakers with five runs in the first two innings.

Prange dug into the batter’s box with two outs and bases loaded in the top half of the second inning and took all three runners on a 3-run double. Senior first baseman Niki Carver added another run on an RBI single two hitters later.

The Ohio state offense was only tied for three hits in the end, but Buresch made sure to keep Purdue down from any damage.

Buresch managed to come out of a base-laden jam and out on her first inning of work by forcing a pop fly and forcing junior receiver Kaeley Hallada to take the third strike.

The right-hander pulled out the last seven Boilermakers and 13 of the last 14 to complete his 3-shot outing. Buresch threw four goals and had only one strikeout, but forced 15 rushing runs to keep the Purdue offense from lifting many hits.

Junior shortstop Rachel Becker and first-year catcher Kiley Goff each doubled for the Boilermakers.

Game 2

After taking the lead on Friday, Purdue senior right-hander Sydney Bates had resolved the Buckeyes’ offense for the most part in the first of two games on Saturday.

Bates held Ohio State to just three hits in his full seven innings, striking out five while walking four.

This time, Purdue hit first. First baseman Kaitlyn Brannstrom sent a brace to the wall in center field, allowing Goff to score on the first goal of the game.

Two innings later, Brannstrom and junior designate hitter Alex Echazarretta each connected with RBI hits to extend the Boilermakers’ lead to three.

Buckeyes graduate shortstop Carley Gaskill narrowed the deficit with a 2-run homerun early in the fourth inning, his second of the season. Prange and main right fielder Megan McMenemy represented the only two other hits for Ohio State.

Rookie straight Allison Smith and junior Jessica Ross combined to start the circle, with the former responsible for Purdue’s four innings in 4 1/3 innings, while the latter pitched 1 2/3 of cleared innings and allowed two hits.

Game 3

A late rally nearly prevented Purdue from completing the double-headed sweep, but the Boilermakers used a starting brace in extra innings to secure the victory.

Junior second baseman Becca Jones doubled up to mark first-year center-back Kiara Dillon from the first with a late-inning strikeout. Purdue has hit eight of his 12 hits on his last four trips to plate.

The Boilermakers scored for the first time in the lower half of the opening round, just as they did in the previous afternoon football game. Brannstrom continued to swing a hot bat on Saturday with a single RBI and finished a perfect 3 for 3 with a home run and 3 run.

After allowing two runners to reach the scoring position in the first three innings, the Buckeyes connected on a pair of home runs to take a 3-1 lead. Junior center fielder Meggie Otte led the game with a solo shot, and McMenemy hit her first of the season three hitters later, scoring designated runner-up Taylor Pack, who scored a double with an out.

Ohio State allowed the runners to reach the goal position in each of the next two innings on a single hit, but Purdue took the opportunity to score five runs during that span on the Brannstrom 3-point shot and the Senior left fielder Ryleigh Scott’s 2-point double in the sixth. to put the Boilermakers in front of 6-3.

Carver and Otte led the seventh with back-to-back doubles to cut the deficit to two, and rookie Kirsten Eppele, who replaced in the game as the designated player, equalized by connecting on a 2-2 bid for a 2- run in doubles.

Eppele’s shot would be the Buckeyes’ last as the game dragged on. Gaskill also had a multi-hit day in addition to Carver, Otte and Pack. Rookie Hannah Bryan made her career debut at wide receiver, drawing a walk in one of her two home plate appearances.

Buresch and Smith combined to start the game. Bursch started the sixth inning with four strikeouts and Smith came in late to try to limit Purdue on the comeback attempt.

Game 4

Buresch and Purdue, first-year southpaw Savannah Henley, had a rematch between the starting pitchers on Friday, and it was the latter who emerged victorious in the final.

For the third game in a row, Purdue opened the scoring as Brannstrom continued to swing a middle stick with a single RBI to score Becker.

Two innings later, Goff followed suit with a single RBI, and Echazarretta had a full count with goals loaded to extend the lead to 3-0.

Ohio State finally narrowed the deficit in the fifth inning by connecting with four hits, and Prange started the rally with an RBI brace, chasing Henley in favor of Bates in relief.

Bates immediately pulled Carver out, but Otte hit a single to score second baseman Mariah Rodriguez, who had a single decay earlier in the inning.

Rodriguez recorded Buckeyes’ last stroke to start the seventh inning, but Bates came back on form and struck out seven of the last eight batters to secure the 4-2 victory.

Ohio State beat Purdue nine to seven, and both teams left eight runners on base. Carver, Otte and Rodriguez had multi-hitting matches as their offense saw the runners get into goal position twice in the game.

The Buckeyes remain on the road next weekend with a four-game trip to Illinois starting Friday at 5 p.m.

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It’s not just the sites; for travelers, safety above all else Sun, 02 May 2021 20:10:00 +0000

The Inquirer group recently hosted a webinar titled “The Tourism Renaissance: What Worked, What’s Next”.

With people now more aware of their health and safety, companies in the travel and hospitality industry, as they continue to bear the brunt of the economic impact of the pandemic, must focus on future of Philippine tourism: to become an industry that creates density and high value-added experiences for consumers.

In short, according to the Department of Tourism (DOT), mass tourism could very well be a thing of the past.

This long-term forecast was the culmination of the discussion during the recent webinar “The Tourism Boost: What Worked, What’s Next”. Hosted by Cheche Moral, Editor-in-Chief of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Head of the Visayas Bureau Connie Fernandez-Brojan, the webinar is part of the Large Format Rebound Project, which aims to help businesses across the country, especially those in the tourism and hospitality, in the pursuit of their activities. their path to recovery.


While this road seems long and arduous given the recent surge in COVID-19 cases – as Noa Macavinta, Dinibeach bar manager and Boracay Foundation board member says, the situation in Boracay has become ” disastrous ”without guests to fill rooms – the change in consumer behavior presents a number of long-term opportunities for the local travel and tourism industry.

According to Tourism Undersecretary Benito Bengzon Jr., Filipinos are now looking for lower density destinations and more personalized tourism offerings, in line with the major concern everyone now has when leaving their homes: protecting themselves from the virus. .

“There should be a lasting focus on standardizing safety and health protocols,” Macavinta said.

Travel with confidence

“What is important is to restore the confidence of travelers,” added Bengzon. “We don’t need massive investments in infrastructure; what is important is that we make sure that the facilities are properly maintained in terms of health and safety. “

A survey of more than 7,000 Filipinos in 78 provinces nationwide confirms how important it is to standardize these protocols. The results indicate that “variation in local government security protocols is the main source of travel inconvenience”; therefore, a unified system would help alleviate the difficulty of traveling in today’s pandemic-plagued world.

The same study, conducted in February by the DOT, the Dr. Andrew L. Tan Center for Tourism and the online tourism platform Guide to the Philippines, indicates that because consumers are more careful about their travel, their preferences have evolved and moved outward. activities, such as hiking, biking and going to the beach.

In a statement, Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat said that sustainable and cultural tourism also offers many opportunities for the local travel industry.

When it comes to companions, the study also finds that people are likely to choose to travel as a family – again, the people they feel are most safe with.

And since long-distance travel remains quite complicated for many tourists, road trips are likely to become a popular activity among many Filipinos. Rodrigo Franco, president and CEO of Metro Pacific Tollways, said the freeways were buzzing with activity due to the local tourist movement.

“Filipinos are social creatures. We have seen local tourists on our highways, usually in small groups, ”he said.

Digital connectivity

Besides security, another standard travel offering at all tourist and hotel establishments should be digital connectivity. In Boracay, for example, tourist establishments now offer “work from paradise” packages for those who want a change of scenery while continuing their activities from a distance.

Ultimately, as the local tourism industry grows, it must also move away from mass tourism in order to thrive and survive the global health crisis, the DOT said.

“Low density tourism is the direct opposite of mass tourism,” Bengzon said. “Keep your customers to a minimum, but offer tailor-made services.” INQ

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