Road Trips – Siesta RV Park Fri, 11 Jun 2021 23:07:08 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Road Trips – Siesta RV Park 32 32 Will Withington of Enterprise Holding to head the ICRS – vEvents conference Fri, 11 Jun 2021 21:44:06 +0000

The opening speech will take place at 10:00 a.m. PST on Monday, August 16.

Three experts, three fireside discussions – the big picture: the opening speech of the 2021 International Car Rental Fair (ICRS), “Understanding the Recovery for Car Rental”, adopts a new format for the event.

On Monday, August 16 at 10:00 a.m. PST, the opening remarks will begin with Will Withington, senior vice president of North American operations at Enterprise Holdings, who will speak with Chris Brown, senior editor of Car Rental News. Withington will share insights from the world’s largest rental car company on rapidly resuming travel, managing supply constraints and key lessons from the pandemic, as well as evolving customer experience and trends. new mobility technologies.

Immediately after, Brown will meet with Zo Rahim, head of economic and industrial analysis at Cox Automotive. Rahim will dive into today’s perfect storm of growing demand responding to a drought in used vehicle supply and how macroeconomic conditions will affect the sales environment going forward.

The third Fireside Conversation features Charlie Coniglio, senior vice president for North America at CarTrawler, who will present a U.S. and global perspective based on data on rental car prices and booking trends in the context of a wider range of travel.

“If ever the question, ‘Where are we going?’ you had to answer, it’s now, ”said Chris Brown, CIHR conference chair. “I am delighted with this one-on-one format and to dive with Will, Zo and Charlie on issues that directly affect the professional lives of CIHR participants. “

Presented in collaboration with the American Car Rental Association, 2021 International Car Rental Exhibition takes place August 15-17 at Caesars Las Vegas.

ICRS 2021 will provide attendees with in-person and virtual options, in which keynote presentations and most seminars will be broadcast live. Registration is now open.

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Motel 7 in LA takes us in summer with a happy “are we still here” Fri, 11 Jun 2021 13:00:00 +0000

Motel 7 is the duo of Dylan Jagger Lee and Anton Khabbaz. The Southern California couple – Lee is in Malibu, Khabbaz in Calabasas – had no plans to announce themselves musically to the world yet. But the world had other ideas.

“Motel 7 was truly the biggest happy accident in the world,” Lee said of the video and single “Are We There Yet”. “Motel 7 came to put a song on SoundCloud, a few people liked it and we were like, ‘Whoa, that’s weird. This song has 100,000 plays, we might as well put it on Spotify. “Then we say, ‘Oh shit, there are over 100,000 plays on Spotify.’ It’s just started to get crazier and crazier and no one knows who we are yet. So it’s this weird anonymous vibe. that was never really intentional. “

Now, ready or not, the duo are here with a quintessential summer anthem and awesome video, previewed here today. The clip, directed by their friend Paris Brosnan (yes, Pierce and Lee’s son is the son of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and actress Pamela Anderson), is a joyful and light day at the beach capturing the fantasies of freedom during the pandemic.

I spoke with Lee and Khabbaz about the making of the video; the artists they rehearsed during the pandemic, from Harry Styles to Bob Dylan, and why, for their dream concert, “Are We There Yet” has to be played on a beach.

Steve Baltin: “Are We There Yet” is really a song about PCH, road trips, that quintessential California experience.

Dylan Jagger Lee: It’s an escape song. We’ve all been trapped during COVID, we’ve all had those wild moments of “All we wanna do is just go, be free, be wild, do our thing. To have this moment of pure happiness, and I feel like none of us had that during COVID. So it was almost like writing a song for when these moments happen. My girlfriend said to me, “Can we just take a road trip to Big Sur or something?” There was that “I wish we could do that” moment. So writing the song, it felt like we were doing it. It was a way to go on a road trip without going on a road trip.

Anton Khabbaz: And Dylan has a girlfriend, I was very alone at home. So when we traded the idea, I was like, “I think I’m just going to do a script like I’m in New York with a girl in a car.”

Baltin: Did you feel like the song was a bit prophetic and now you see it come true as things open up again?

Lee: Yeah, life is definitely back. I feel like we are in this moment now like “Are We There Yet?” (Laughs) So realistically if you look around you start to see things come to life. And I feel like by the time the song comes out and climaxes, we’ll be in a really good place. It will be summer, people will start over. It feels good. So I think it’s kind of coming true, I feel like.

Khabbaz: We wrote this song right in our rooms and when we were in that car on PCH on a sunny Saturday blowing it up on a Beats Pill, we were having a great day. It was so much fun.

Lee: Yeah, it felt good.

Baltin: From what I understand, there’s more music coming in September, isn’t there?

Khabbaz: Yeah, that’s the game plan. It’s an EP, a bunch of songs that we wrote at the height of the pandemic. We just continued to exchange ideas via voice memo and text and completed some songs virtually.

Lee: Yeah, all those songs, I feel like it’s that moment of everything that happened in COVID. So these are the times when we want more, when we are sad, the times when we ask ourselves “Why can’t we do this?” So PE is like everyone’s COVID experience. No one was happy all the time, no one was sad all the time, everyone had these ups and downs. So I have a feeling it will be fine. Listening through people will be like, “Wow, I can relate to all of these songs in the last six to eight months.” Because everyone I feel like I’m going through the same thing and it was a very interesting time. I feel like the music will make sense because of what we just went through.

Baltin: Take me back to the start of Motel 7.

Lee: Motel 7 was truly the biggest happy accident in the world. Motel 7 came to put a song on SoundCloud, a few people liked it and we were like “Whoa, this is weird. This song has 100,000 plays, we might as well put it on Spotify.” Then we say, “Oh shit, there are over 100,000 plays on Spotify”. It’s just started to get crazier and crazier and no one knows who we are yet. So it’s this strange anonymous atmosphere that was never really on purpose.

Khabbaz: There was a week where we started writing nonstop because we were so excited to make music. Some of the songs in the project definitely came out.

Baltin: Now that the tours are back, what’s the perfect place to play?

Lee: We would love to go on tour, we would love to perform like the Greek Theater.

Khabbaz: With “Are We There Yet”, I specifically thought of a certain festival that takes place in San Diego on the beach (CRSSD). Anything on the beach, “Are We There Yet” just needs to be played on the beach someday, break the drums, break the guitar.

Lee: It will also be fun because Anton can play the drums. I didn’t even really know it. We went to the Guitar Center one day and I was like, “What the fuck is this?” He shreds the drums, it was like crazy (they both laugh).

Khabbaz: So Dylan told me I had to play drums in the video and we got a drum set on Craig’s List for $ 200 and spray painted it with our buddy Paris.

Baltin: He’s the director, eh?

Lee: We all co-directed it, we were all very involved. We just got a whole bunch of buddies together, got a whole crew together, and filmed it. It felt like it was free and it turned out we had a solid budget. But there it was DIY.

Khabbaz: Dylan was standing on the car, I was going about 55 miles an hour and he wasn’t even strapped on. I was like, “Dear God, please don’t let him die. At least let’s release the song first, come on” (laughs). I remember Paris was pushing us to do certain things that we wouldn’t do, like get in the car and everything.

Lee: He was like, “F ** k it, just jump in the pool.” He turned out to be really nuts. When we saw the edit, I was like, “Damn, DIY stuff, that was fire.”

Baltin: What were your songs on repeat during the pandemic?

Lee: The Harry Styles album got me thinking for a minute, I love that stuff. “Cherry” and “Golden” off this record, so many good records. But I’ve always been a fan of a lot of my friends. A lot of my friends made music and I loved the music that was made during the pandemic, there was something special about it.

Khabbaz: For me, I really listened to a lot of old songs. Like Bob Dylan, there’s this one song called “Fourth Time Around”. The arrangement on this song is like everywhere. This is not your classic song arrangement and I like to refer to strange songs in terms of inspiration. The Smashing Pumpkins siamese dream, I refer to a lot of electronic guitars on that one for “Are We There Yet”, a song we do called “Messing With Fire”. And Oasis, we watched a documentary recently and it was super inspiring.

Lee: I feel like Oasis, these guys are our biggest idols. They’ve definitely influenced a lot of our stuff.

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Tag iOttie’s Easy One Touch Wireless Car Holder Ahead of Summer Travel at $ 35 Thu, 10 Jun 2021 18:47:29 +0000

Amazon currently offers the IOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Car Holder for $ 34.95 shipped. Normally fetching $ 50, today’s deal represents 30% savings, matches our previous mention for the second best price to date, and is within $ 5 of the all-time low. You can also enter the Air Vent version for the same price, as well as. The iOttie stand not only keeps your smartphone close at hand for easy tracking of navigation directions, music playback, etc., but it also charges your devices. Easy One Touch Wireless adheres to a car’s dashboard or windshield and contains a built-in 10W Qi charger to make it easy to refuel your smartphone on the go. Over 3,000 customers have left a 4.4 / 5 stars. Go below to find out more.

If you can live without the built-in Qi charging or auto-sensing functions, save extra money by bringing the IOttie Easy One Touch 4 car holder at your walk for $21. You’ll find a similar one-touch mechanism to easily hold your phone in place, but without the 10W Qi charger. This one is still supported by 4.4 / 5 stars of more than 35,000 customers.

But for those looking to upgrade their home charging setup, be sure to check out the discount we just saw on this TOPGREENER wall outlet on 55% reduction. Providing a pair of your average power outlets, this accessory also notably features a 36W USB-C port to $ 18. Otherwise, take a look at our smartphone accessories guide for all of the other top deals of the week.

IOttie Easy One Touch wireless features:

The iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Fast Charging Stand combines the power of Qi wireless fast charging with the agility of the Easy One Touch mounting system. Use the increased reach and stability of the telescopic arm to find the perfect viewing position for your smartphone on the dashboard or windshield.

FTC: We use automatic affiliate links which generate income. After.

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Seven surprising places to find God this summer Thu, 10 Jun 2021 00:42:06 +0000

School is out and summer has started. But between registering kids for sports and mapping family trips, I had to make up for it. Where could we seek and find God also in this new season?

Here are seven places you might be excited to meet God with your family this summer.

– Near the water

If you spend time near a lake, river, or ocean, let your thoughts wander from the waves to the God who walked on it.

Take a moment to pray to Jesus who lived near the shore: “Once again he walked along the sea. All the crowd came to him and he taught them” (Mk 2, 13).

– Eat outside

When we think of Jesus eating, we often imagine the Last Supper in the upper room. But remember he also ate outside: miraculous meals when he fed thousands or ordinary afternoons when he stopped to eat with his friends. Sound familiar to the rest stops and road trips of your youth?

Christ even cooked for his friends the day after his resurrection, reminding us that every picnic or campfire meal can lead us to prayer: “Jesus said to them: ‘Come, have your breakfast’” ( Jn 21:12).

– Under the night sky

As a child, I listened to my grandfather tell ancient stories about constellations around a bonfire. Our faith is also full of star stories: the creation of the heavens in Genesis, God’s promise to Abraham of countless offspring, and the new star that directed the Magi to Bethlehem.

How could conversations around a campfire invite your children or grandchildren to wonder like the psalmist who looks at the sky: “When I see your sky, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars? which thou hast set up ”(Ps 8: 4)?

– Among the flowers

As a mom of five boys, I’ve been getting dandelion bouquets for years now. Each proud handle reminds me to stop and see the beauty – even in the weeds – that God has planted around us.

Summer blossoms many landscapes, offering the sight and scent of the bounty of creation in a way that inspires our prayer and praise:

“Learn from how wildflowers grow. They don’t work and don’t spin. But I tell you that even Solomon in all his splendor was not clothed like one of them ”(Mt 6: 28-29).

– On holiday

Jesus and his disciples were often on the move during his ministry. While their trips were far from summer vacation, any chance we have to see or stay in a different place can open our eyes to new ways of knowing God.

As you pack your bags for a family reunion or a weekend with friends, carry the spirit of the disciples on the road to Emmaus: “So they said to each other, ‘Wasn’t our heart burning ( in us) while he spoke to us on the way and opened the scriptures to us? ‘ »(Lk 24,32).

– To gather

After long months of isolation or separation, many are happy to reconnect with their loved ones.

As we put extra seats at the table, spread picnic blankets in the park, or duplicate recipes for our favorite summer treats, we can offer thanksgiving prayers: “For where two or three are gathered. in my name I am among them ”(Mt 18:20).

– Resting

Remember, as you work and play this summer, that rest is also holy: “God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it he rested from all the work he had. done in creation ”(Gen 2: 3).

Take a nap, read a spiritual book, or relax for a hug with the youngest member of your family. What place can you make for the Sabbath each week of this fleeting season?

Also look

Copyright © 2021 Catholic News Service / United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

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Summer Road Trip: How to Prepare Your Car for the Long Trip Wed, 09 Jun 2021 08:28:49 +0000

Road trips provide a great opportunity to explore places you have never visited before. Now that you’ve been eagerly awaiting your road trip for months, it’s time to plan your route and know the top places you’ll be visiting. However, there are still some things you need to consider. Primarily, you need to make sure your car is ready for the job at hand to avoid hitting hitches or having issues along the way.

– Photo of Jesus Garcia

Prepare your car for a long road trip

How will you know if your car is ready for the long trip? The following tips will help you ensure that you are well prepared.

Check the tires

Tires are essential for comfort, safety and fuel efficiency, so it’s essential to check their condition before you even start your road trip. Remember to check your tires for wear and tear and if necessary replace them before your trip and get the tires that match the condition of the road. You can also visit Prestige wheels to give your wheels a makeover if they are corroded.

Tire pressure is also crucial for safety; therefore, be sure to use a good quality gauge. Look for labels in your car that show the correct pressure numbers and keep in mind that these are the numbers for a cold tire.

Check the lights

Headlights are an integral part of your car, so if you are going to be driving yourself while traveling, you need to make sure that the headlights are working properly. Consider bringing a spare headlight for your trip in case one of them runs out. Use the owner’s manual if you need to replace the headlights on the road.

Inspect the batteries

A bad battery is all it takes to stop you on your road trip. Therefore, before you go, make sure that you check battery terminals for any rust that could disrupt the flow of charge to and from the battery.

If corrosion occurs, use baking soda, water, and a toothbrush to neutralize it. Then wipe off the battery, replace the terminals and seal them with terminal spray.

Replace worn wipers

Good visibility is crucial for a safe trip; therefore, make sure the wipers are working as they should. And if you still have the original wipers, consider replacing the rubber refills. They are cheaper and available from your local parts dealer. Finally, when changing the wiper, be sure to place a rag underneath to protect the windshield.

Test your brakes

Take the time to listen carefully to your brakes. Are there squeaks or squeaks? Is there a smell of fire when you step on the pedals all the way to the base? If so, it’s time to change the brakes and have the entire brake system checked.

The bottom line

With good preparation before your long trip and a great attitude during the trip, you can guarantee that you will survive the trip, have fun and relax. So make sure that you invest in good quality tires, check the brakes, batteries, replace worn wipers, and check the headlights to make sure they are working well.

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Amy Roloff and Chris Marek share pre-wedding road trip in Idaho Mon, 07 Jun 2021 23:38:08 +0000

The countdown has begun Until Amy Roloff Marries Chris Marek..

They have a wedding date.

After much discussion, they also agreed on a location.

But first, Amy and Chris are going on a road trip for a very good reason.

On Friday June 4th, Amy Lorov joined her Instagram story.

She shared part of the road trip, as she has done several times in the past.

Amy and Chris have taken many road trips over the years and Amy loves to record them for their fans.

When Amy and Chris made a pit stop, Amy shed some light on the background to the excursion.

“We’re heading for Aidaho,” she said.

Amy explained that she was traveling “to meet members of Chris’s family”.

“Her niece graduated,” Amy added.

June is an important month for high school graduation.

“So, is it that fun?” Amy asked, “Because road trips are fun.” “

“May you all have a nice weekend,” Amy said.

She explained her enthusiasm, “because you may not be able to receive cell phone service.”

Amy then invited countless fans and followers to “have a good time”.

Amy recently deleted new details about the wedding in a post shared days before the trip.

“Wow, it’s June. There are 89 days left until our big wedding, ”she said.

“Time flies,” Amy added. “I’m excited!”

In this season Small people, big worldWe saw Matt come up with an idea for his ex-wife’s wedding.

He suggested that Amy and Chris get married at the Lorov farm, taking into account many factors, including COVID-19.

The 110-acre site will be a quaint and very practical wedding venue.

However, Amy was very reluctant at first for several very understandable reasons.

The farm is where she and Matt have lived as a couple for many years.

This is where they raised their children.

This is also where Amy and Matt lived apart as former spouses for several years.

Before that, Matt met, fell in love, and likely had an affair with Karin Chandler.

Yes, it is an emotionally complex place.

Amy’s reluctance was understandable.

But it didn’t last forever.

The season was filmed months before Amy made the final decision.

Ultimately, she and Chris chose to accept Matt’s offer.

Amy and Karin don’t love each other, but they even called for a ceasefire.

Everyone is involved in making this marriage a reality.

“Amy and Chris are now planning to get married on the farm,” the insider said earlier.

“And,” the source added, “it’s within three months.”

Insiders called it “things are together.”

“It was Matt’s idea at first,” a source said at the time.

“And,” added the insider, “Karin agreed.”

Sources explained that Karin agreed.

“Amy didn’t want to have him on the farm early on because of his emotional history,” the insider explained.


“And,” said a source, “She wasn’t sure if everyone still had the same perception.”

“Karin is not a big fan of Amy,” admitted.

“She thinks they are more acquaintances than friends,” sources said.

“But,” the insider said, “She wants Matt and his family to be happy and everyone to move on.”

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek share pre-wedding road trip in Idaho Source link Amy Roloff and Chris Marek share pre-wedding road trip in Idaho

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Photo Story: Peter Wojnar’s Riding Memories Bank in “Symptoms of a Good Time” Sun, 06 Jun 2021 14:00:00 +0000

I love the act of photography. Holding a camera and capturing a place, a scene, a feeling is something that I deeply appreciate. Finding a way to capture the essence of a moment in a single image is a beautiful process.

But if the purpose of taking pictures is to share those moments and feelings with others, then I am a terrible photographer. I store photos on hard drives in my closet. While I love to take photos, sharing them is tedious, especially if I feel like they could have been better.

Not all vehicles are suitable for all roads. But you don’t know until you try.

I am a professional filmmaker and recreational photographer. But in the interest of being a better photographer, this post is a dumping ground for memories and moments that I have hidden. Some that I posted on Instagram, some that I hid in stories, and many more that I showed to a few friends who were there. Sharing these photos is as much an exercise in memorization as in narration. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Halfway up the Cottonwood Trail in Kluane Nat’l Park, when Zanny and I thought I had enough time and energy to put a camera on a rock and take pictures. Happy? Absolutely. Tired? Getting There.

I started browsing photos from the last few years in preparation for local trips. While it will still be some time before we can expect to cross borders or fly overseas to mountain bike, it seems there is a real and immediate possibility that trips outside of Sea to Sky are back on the menu.

With us in Squamish, fall means dark, wet days and early sunsets. In the Yukon? Daylight until 10 p.m., but the leaves are golden.

Questionable from afar, questionable up close too. But you’ve come this far, so you might as well give it a try.

Riding the Dempster involves quite a bit of driving and even more uncertainty. You should be prepared to hike a great distance over questionable terrain, maybe only a short section of a great trail. Bring a camera.

Looking through these images unleashes a ton of great memories, most of them insufficiently or incompletely photographed. For me, looking at the photos brings the whole scene to life: they only have to serve as a reminder. But for someone who was not there, they will paint a less precise, less complete picture.

But whatever. These images bring back memories of squeezing 14 people and bikes into a single truck for a shuttle ride, passing whiskey around countless fires, packing and getting in the car before deciding where to go. Some of these things seem almost nostalgic, after 14 months of a pandemic where these types of adventures have gone from frowned upon to downright illegal.

These photos represent a horrible night’s sleep. A tarp is the lightest shelter you can transport: a few hundred grams will keep three people dry. But tarpaulins do not protect against mosquitoes. And on one of the hottest nights of the year, sleeping bags can get VERY sweaty.

Worth it anyway.

Some trails are traveled more frequently than others, and not always by humans.

Sometimes it’s all about perspective. Are you running away from the rain? Or are you running after the rainbow? (There’s a good chance you’ll end up wet anyway.)

So, partly out of enthusiasm for the growing possibility of travel, and partly in the spirit of sharing my work better, I hope this little collection of keepsakes inspires you to go out and create some for yourself.

Three very different feelings, each excellent in its own way. Thank you friends.

Access to these incredible places is fought hard through a mess of windfall by small groups of motivated volunteers each year, who cut, dig and clear their way to the tree line before tidying and shredding them. The reward ? Cool tracks and smiles that eat shit.

Thanks for reading.

Professionally “Woj” is a filmmaker whose storytelling and action films span the ski and mountain bike industries. Personal journeys and memories like these inform and inspire his work. Without them he would be creatively lost. Woj is also a Kona Bicycles Ambassador and is grateful for their support whether he is holding a camera or not.

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City of Vancouver investigates highway tolls for trips to downtown – BC Sat, 05 Jun 2021 21:17:18 +0000

The City of Vancouver is taking a further step towards charging motorists for driving in the downtown area.

The city has launched a call for tenders to conduct a feasibility study on a “road user charge” in the city center.

The charges would be based on a variety of factors including type of vehicle, time of day and traffic jams.

Read more:

Pricing for mobility doomed to fail if viewed as unfair: report

This follows a 2018 report by the region-focused Independent Commission on Mobility Pricing, which concluded that charging road tolls would be the most effective tool to reduce regional congestion, and that a “Downtown cordon” would be an effective part of such a program.

That same report determined that road pricing could generate up to $ 25 million per year to fund transit improvements.

The story continues under the ad

Click to play the video:

Mobility pricing in Metro Vancouver would cost drivers more

Mobility pricing in Metro Vancouver would cost drivers more – May 24, 2018

“What we want to be able to do in this phase is really do this forecast. We need to better understand the traffic and all mobility trends in a post-COVID recovery over the next five years, ”said Dale Bracewell, director of transportation planning in Vancouver.

The city said the initiative was a first step towards a regional road pricing system, and that the focus on the city center made sense given that it is home to the central business district and is a destination for the tourism and sporting events.

Read more:

Metro Vancouver mobility pricing could cost you up to $ 8 per day, report says

“This scale and geography is actually very comparable to Stockholm, London and Singapore,” Bracewell said, referring to other cities that have implemented downtown tolls.

The story continues under the ad

The proposal was not well received by some downtown businesses and business groups.

“It’s just going to push traffic out of downtown and force businesses out of downtown,” said Sunan Spriggs, owner of CityLux Boutique in downtown Vancouver.

Click to play the video:

It’s unclear how much Vancouver’s climate emergency action plan could cost drivers

It’s unclear how much Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Action Plan could cost drivers – October 28, 2020

It would be fairer to charge people based on how much they drive, rather than where they drive, she said.

“If it’s really about reducing the carbon footprint, then we need to look at who’s really contributing. “

Greater Vancouver Board of Trade CEO Bridgitte Anderson has raised similar concerns, particularly amid the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read more:

Mobility pricing plan will kick people out of Metro Vancouver if approved: Delta Mayor

The story continues under the ad

“The office occupancy rate in the city center is around 10-30%, which includes many small and medium-sized businesses that have been devastated by the impact and are trying to open now,” he said. she declared.

“They should focus on economic recovery and rebuilding the downtown core and not spending resources figuring out how to keep people out.”

No bidder has yet been selected to conduct the feasibility study, and if road pricing is approved, it could be implemented no earlier than 2026.

The city of Vancouver has set a goal of reducing carbon pollution by 50% and ensuring that two-thirds of all trips in the city are made on foot, by bike or by public transit. by 2030.

© 2021 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.

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NBN News | SAFER ROAD TRAVEL FOR CHILDREN Sat, 05 Jun 2021 04:01:46 +0000

The New South Wales government has released new safety ratings for child car seats to help parents choose the safest option.

It is also a measure to encourage manufacturers to produce products that are easier to use and safer.

Through the Child Restraint Assessment Program (CREP), four new seats on the market have been tested and meet Australian safety standards.

The Safe-N-Sound Compaq and Nuna Rava both scored 3.9 out of five stars for protection, Mother’s Choice Tribe AP received 3.8 stars, and Infa Secure Emerge Go received 3.2 stars.

Andrew Constance, Minister of Transport and Highways, said the latest assessments will help people make informed decisions from a wide selection.

“We have improved testing procedures and scoring protocols, including
introduce side impact test with intrusive door, new advanced crash test dummies and
a new test bed featuring popular current vehicles, ”said Constance.

A major problem identified is the installation of child car seats, explains the Minister of Regional Transport and Roads, Paul Toole.

“If a seat is not used properly, the risk of serious injury in a crash is seven times greater than if the seat were properly installed,” he says.

It is hoped that the latest information will help children who are completely dependent on parents to stay safe in the car.

The safety ratings are the result of independent crash tests performed by several organizations and government agencies, including Transport for NSW and Kidsafe.

More information can be found at

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Indiana basketball trip to Bahamas will help Hoosiers and Mike Woodson bond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 18:13:53 +0000

BLOOMINGTON – IU basketball will make its first overseas tour in seven years this summer, with coach Mike Woodson planning a trip for his team to the Bahamas.

The Hoosiers will go in August, playing multi-day exhibition contests that month. Fans may be allowed to attend.

But the games themselves won’t be the only reason for the trip. Maybe not even the main one.

For a program facing a fresh start in various ways, there may never be a better time to do so.

1 in 1:Why Dane Fife returned to IU, how he plans to advance the program he loves

Additions and subtractions:Making Sense of Mike Woodson’s First Complete IU Basketball List

Foreign (or preseason) tours are only offered to college programs once every four years. Often times they are more dispersed than that, given the extra workload of practices and games in what is normally preseason.

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