Amy Roloff and Chris Marek share pre-wedding road trip in Idaho

The countdown has begun Until Amy Roloff Marries Chris Marek..

They have a wedding date.

After much discussion, they also agreed on a location.

But first, Amy and Chris are going on a road trip for a very good reason.

On Friday June 4th, Amy Lorov joined her Instagram story.

She shared part of the road trip, as she has done several times in the past.

Amy and Chris have taken many road trips over the years and Amy loves to record them for their fans.

When Amy and Chris made a pit stop, Amy shed some light on the background to the excursion.

“We’re heading for Aidaho,” she said.

Amy explained that she was traveling “to meet members of Chris’s family”.

“Her niece graduated,” Amy added.

June is an important month for high school graduation.

“So, is it that fun?” Amy asked, “Because road trips are fun.” “

“May you all have a nice weekend,” Amy said.

She explained her enthusiasm, “because you may not be able to receive cell phone service.”

Amy then invited countless fans and followers to “have a good time”.

Amy recently deleted new details about the wedding in a post shared days before the trip.

“Wow, it’s June. There are 89 days left until our big wedding, ”she said.

“Time flies,” Amy added. “I’m excited!”

In this season Small people, big worldWe saw Matt come up with an idea for his ex-wife’s wedding.

He suggested that Amy and Chris get married at the Lorov farm, taking into account many factors, including COVID-19.

The 110-acre site will be a quaint and very practical wedding venue.

However, Amy was very reluctant at first for several very understandable reasons.

The farm is where she and Matt have lived as a couple for many years.

This is where they raised their children.

This is also where Amy and Matt lived apart as former spouses for several years.

Before that, Matt met, fell in love, and likely had an affair with Karin Chandler.

Yes, it is an emotionally complex place.

Amy’s reluctance was understandable.

But it didn’t last forever.

The season was filmed months before Amy made the final decision.

Ultimately, she and Chris chose to accept Matt’s offer.

Amy and Karin don’t love each other, but they even called for a ceasefire.

Everyone is involved in making this marriage a reality.

“Amy and Chris are now planning to get married on the farm,” the insider said earlier.

“And,” the source added, “it’s within three months.”

Insiders called it “things are together.”

“It was Matt’s idea at first,” a source said at the time.

“And,” added the insider, “Karin agreed.”

Sources explained that Karin agreed.

“Amy didn’t want to have him on the farm early on because of his emotional history,” the insider explained.


“And,” said a source, “She wasn’t sure if everyone still had the same perception.”

“Karin is not a big fan of Amy,” admitted.

“She thinks they are more acquaintances than friends,” sources said.

“But,” the insider said, “She wants Matt and his family to be happy and everyone to move on.”

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