$30,000 Boston airlift among expenses for family of Sandrick Jorcelin, a 14-year-old boy injured in drive-by shooting, facing


An online fundraising campaign has raised nearly $80,000 over the past two days to pay for expensive medical bills for a 14-year-old from Massachusetts injured in a drive-by shooting in Canada.

Sandrick Jorcelin of Tewksbury traveled to a suburb of Montreal last weekend for a family member’s birthday. After leaving a party in a car with his uncle, mother and two others, a driver pulled up next to the family and opened fire, the Jorcelin family said.

The uncle did not survive. Sandrick was shot in the abdomen and rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. The other passengers were also injured, the family wrote on a GoFundMe page which now aims to cover the teenager’s medical treatment.

Among the costs required for Jorcelin’s care is a $30,000 airlift to Boston, the family said.

Since its organization on Wednesday, the fundraising campaign has raised more than $77,000 towards a goal of $100,000.

“We don’t know what lies ahead, we have a lot of support and we have a lot of prayers for us from our friends and family and from people we don’t even know,” said Ricardo Jorcelin, the Sandrick’s father, at WCVB. . “We hope he makes a full recovery.”

The teenager is the eldest of three children, a basketball player and an avid Boston Celtics fan, his family said.

Since the shooting, he has regained sensation in his legs but remains unable to walk or stand, his family wrote on the fundraising page Thursday.

“Sandrick is full of love and knows he is loved,” the family said. “We thank you all for the prayers, calls, texts and support you have given us at this time.”

Quebec police believe the shooting was the result of mistaken identity, the Jorcelin family told WCVB.

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